Is ACell Effective for Treating Scarring Not Associated with Hair Transplant Surgery?

1/10/2012 3:11:20 AM


I’m really interested in ACell. I've been doing quite a bit of research on it and its wound healing abilities. I'm interested in it not for hair transplant surgery but for scar revision but I haven't heard of anywhere that uses it for this purpose. Do you think this would be a possibility for use with shallow acne scars? I would really appreciate your feedback as I am desperate to find a solution and I think this may be it with other scar revision procedures to allow for a better end result.


The potential uses of ACell are still being studied. I am aware of only two recommended hair restoration clinics that are currently using it. One is Shapiro Medical Group and the other is Dr. Jerry Cooley who has been doing pioneering research on the use of ACell.

For more information on Dr. Cooley's research with ACell, read the following article, Dr. Jerry Cooley’s Presentation on ACell MatriStem in Hair Restoration and Hair Duplication (Formerly Known As Autocloning).

In hair transplant surgery, ACell is used to both stimulate hair growth and also create less visible scarring. At present, I have no information regarding its use in treating other forms of scarring. I recommend contacting one of the above clinics for more information or creating a discussion thread on our Hair Restoration Forum.

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