Is It Safe to Apply HairCubed or Other Hair Loss Concealers after Hair Transplant Surgery?

10/20/2011 4:42:24 AM


My hair transplant doctor advised against applying HairCubed spray on coneacler after surgery because he doesn't trust those products. However, the website says it's safe and it wouldn't affect hair growth. In fact, hair transplant patients have used it. I need a second opinion. I'll use it in 2 more weeks (1 month from surgery) but I wanted to know if it will let my newly transplanted hair grow the way it's supposed to.


Make-up type concealers like DermMatch have been rumored to affect hair growth after hair transplant surgery. See, Possible Complications From Using “Makeup Type” Concealer After a Hair Transplant Procedure. However, fiber based concealers like Toppik and Nanogen> are generally considered safe as early as 10 days after hair transplant surgery. Also see, When Can I Start Using Concealers after a Hair Transplant?

However, anyone considering applying hair loss conealers or any other product to their hair after hair restoration surgery should follow the advice of their hair transplant surgeon.

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