Is It Normal to Get Pimples on Your Scalp after Hair Transplant Surgery?


I had a hair transplant 4 months ago and I've been getting pimples for the past two months. My hair restoration physician said this is a process that every patient faces after hair transplant surgery. He suggested that if the pimples have become whiteheads then I can press them with a warm, damp cloth to clean them and remove pus. I followed my doctor's suggestion but I have noticed that the new hairs which were inside the pimples were also drawn out completely with the pus. My question is: will these hairs grow back in those areas or not? 


Yes, it’s true that pimples are an unfortunate companion to hair restoration surgery. However, you should look upon them as a good sign that there is hair growth happening below the skin. It is also not unusual to lose a hair follicle when pimples burst. This should not lead to permanent hair loss in the recipient area. The shed follicles should grow back in three to four months along with the rest of your newly transplanted hair.

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