Losing My Hair in the Front at 19 Years Old - Can I Get Hair Replacement Surgery?


I am 19 years old and although my male pattern baldness (mpb) is not that bad, my hairline shape has suffered significantly. I really want a strong hairline because the framing of the face is the most important thing to me. Do any of you know a hair loss doctor that would perform the procedure at my young age? I'm a good looking lad, but this alopecia is really starting to affect my confidence.


Though we can all understand and relate to the emotional impact hair loss is having on you, young patients with minimal hair loss are simply not good hair transplant candidates.

Androgenic alopecia (male pattern hair loss) is progressive and unpredictable. Because those with early onset of male pattern hair loss are more likely to suffer from greater amounts of baldness, hair replacement surgery becomes even more risky since a hair restoration physician must make good use out of a finite donor hair supply.

In early stages of hair loss, non-surgical hair loss treatment options such as Propecia (finasteride) and Rogaine (minoxidil) have proven to be quite effective to treat baldness and possibly stimulate hair regrowth. I encourage you to speak with a physician about the benefits and risks of these hair loss drugs and then consider trying them for at least a year (less any side effects) to see if they work for you. See also: What should I consider when researching hair transplant surgery? Am I Too Young for a Hair Transplant?