Losing Transplanted Hair One Year After a Hair Restoration Procedure

9/8/2009 3:34:57 PM


In September 2007, I underwent a 3500 follicular unit excision (formerly known as follicular unit extraction) (FUE) hair transplant procedure to replenish zone 1 which was pretty bald. Over the following year, all of the transplanted follicles grew in beautifully. However, around November 2008 all of the transplanted hair began, and continues, to fall out. My internest recently ordered a complete blood work panel which yielded completely normal results. The problem is obviously not me. What could have gone wrong? Please advise because the experience of losing my hair for a second time is absolutely devastating. I am a trial attorney and it is embarrassing to stand in front of a jury looking like this! My hair restoration physician offered to do a 2000 graft touch up for half the price. I am new to your hair loss forum. Please help.


This is highly unusual. If hair growth of the transplanted grafts occurred, then the grafts weren’t transected or damaged prior to implantation. Thus, it appears that the hair transplant was successful. The only conditions I can think of that may cause a loss of transplanted hair are

A) you’ve developed a medical or scalp condition (infection) causing hair loss
B) you are taking medication where hair loss is a potential side effect
C) Transplanted hair was harvested/extracted from non-safe areas of the scalp

Are you only losing the transplanted hair or are you also losing hair from areas on the sides and back of your scalp where hair was harvested/extracted?

Before considering another hair transplant, I recommend consulting a physician and/or dermatologist to rule out both A and B. Discuss the possibility of C and other possibilities with your hair restoration physician.

I do hope that you and your doctors can get to the bottom of this, find the reason for the loss and come to a viable solution.


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