Man Dies For Unknown Reasons After A Hair Transplant

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Hair transplant surgery is an outpatient procedure that is relatively risk-free. Most individuals are in and out of the surgical chair the same day. However, choosing a qualified and ethical surgeon is essential for receiving high-quality results. 

Unfortunately, a 43-year-old businessman In India passed away on Saturday for unknown reasons after receiving a hair transplant. Many have speculated that he may have experienced a severe allergic reaction from the anesthesia that was given to him during his hair transplant.

Shrawan Kumar Choudhary (Mr.Choudary) was a 43-year-old businessman who underwent a surgical hair restoration procedure In Mumbai, India. Mr. Choudary ran a logistics firm in India, he traveled to Mumbai to restore his thinning hair. Medical tourism has exploded in popularity in recent years. While some clinics are performing quality work, there are many unscrupulous hair transplant clinics that are damaging the patient's lives and permanently disfiguring them.

According to reports, Mr. Choudary paid 500,000 rupees to restore his hair through hair transplantation. Unfortunately, he did not notify his family about the procedure, as is the case with many hair transplant patients. According to the physician, Mr. Choudary had asked for 9,000 grafts in one surgical session via Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Most ethical hair transplant surgeons will not perform over 3,500 grafts in one sitting. According to reports, Mr. Choudary began to develop complications after 3,700 grafts were extracted. It is unclear at the moment if the physician had agreed to Mr. Choudary's request.

The procedure was performed on a Thursday and by Friday, Mr. Choudary was complaining of severe neck pain. According to reports he was provided with a cocktail of painkillers and antibiotics, as it was believed he may have been suffering from an infection. However, Mr. Choudary began to have difficulties breathing and was rushed to the emergency room. 

Sadly, Mr. Choudary passed away on Saturday. The cause of death is still unknown, but many have speculated that he suffered from anaphylactic shock (severe allergic reaction).

Choosing a skilled hair transplant surgeon is critical and choosing the wrong surgeon or clinic can severely mess up with the patient's results and health in some cases. Luckily, freak accidents and stories like the one of Mr. Choudary, rarely ever occur. Thousands if not millions of patients receive hair transplants every year without any major complications. 

However, many patients are unnecessarily putting themselves at risk by undergoing surgical hair restoration procedures at "black market" FUE clinics. Black market FUE clinics refer to clinics that do not have any physician supervision and carry-out entire procedures with unlicensed technicians. If any major medical complication occurs, there is no medical doctor there to address the patient's medical issues.