In Memory of the Late Dr. Marla Rosenberg

Recently we learned of the passing of hair transplant surgeon Dr. Marla Rosenberg of Toronto, Canada. Dr. Rosenberg joined

The Hair Transplant Network as a recommended surgeon in 2008 and was a longtime supporter and contributor to our community until becoming too ill to continue her practice. According to Dr. Rosenberg’s obituary, she passed away on Friday, June 19, 2015 after a courageous battle with lung cancer.  Dr. Rosenberg was among the world’s leading hair transplant surgeons. During her professional career she earned the respect of her colleagues and the admiration of her many satisfied patients. But, she was much more than a skilled physician. Dr. Rosenberg was a daughter, a mother, a wife, an aunt and a sibling. Many lives were profoundly affected by her passing and we extend our thoughts and prayers to her family and friends. Sadly, Dr. Marla Rosenberg is no longer with us, but her legacy remains. She is survived by her husband Peter, her parents Norman and Rita Rosenberg and her children Jared, Sabrina, and Trevor. She will be greatly missed. David

Editorial Assistant and Forum Co-Moderator