Men Are Freezing Their Hair Follicles For The Future

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Men and women suffering from genetic hair loss have been given a glimmer of hope to their follicular woes. In the United Kingdom (UK), a revolutionary process of freezing one's hair follicles has been given the green-light. In theory, the process is very similar to men preserving their fertility by freezing their sperm.  So why are men flocking to clinics to preserve their hair follicles? Keep reading.

Hair Cloning Not Today, But Some Day

For the past decade or so hair cloning has been on the tip of every hair loss sufferer's tongue. Unfortunately, it never seems to materialize into any viable treatment. For every step forward, there are at least four steps back. Today, men no longer have to let their precious hair follicles go to waste.

The procedure offered by the biotechnology company called HairClone, involves men having 100 hair follicles harvested before the inevitable balding occurs. The hair follicles are stored in a sub-zero storage facility. 

Many believe that they will be able to retrieve their precious hair follicles, and have the cells from these follicles multiplied and injected into their scalp, once they're older and balding.

This groundbreaking technology is the first of its kind in the UK and it's been described as an insurance policy to protect against 'balding'. The coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians Dr. Bessam Farjo of the Farjo Institute had this to say; "We are contacted every day by people concerned about hair loss, and who are asking when the banking system will be ready."

This procedure will be open to all adults over the age of 18, it will cost around 2,000 pounds or 2, 435.21 USD.  However, the subsequent hair cloning procedures will come at a much higher cost. The hair follicles are cryopreserved in temperatures below -180 degrees Celsius or -292 degrees Fahrenheit. 

With breakthrough stem cell research announced in June at the International Society of Stem Cell Research, many are claiming hair cloning is almost a reality.

Dr. Farjo recommends anyone experiencing hair loss freeze their hair follicles, as soon as they notice hair loss. HairClone intends to charge patients 2,500 for the initial procedure and 100 a year for the storage of the hair follicles. Before we start calling this a cure, Dr. Farjo warns patients they will need to repeat the treatment every few years to maintain the results.


This is exciting news, to say the least, for anyone suffering from hereditary hair loss. To date, hair transplant surgery is king in terms of treatment. Today, hair cloning is not a reality, there is no doubt modern science has made great leaps and bounds, but it's clear we're not there yet. Perhaps one day, but not yet. 

That said, insurance policies exist for a reason. If this treatment ever becomes a viable treatment, these men and women will be laughing all the way to the clinic, as they become millionhairs!