;Modern Hair Transplant Surgery Dos and Dont's

Today's modern hair transplant surgery is great, especially if you've done your homework and selected an outstanding physician.  However, even in the modern world, perfection doesn't exist and less than optimal results can occur.  The good news is however, there is something you can do to reduce the risks associated with hair transplant surgery.

While a hair transplant is considered a simple outpatient procedure it's still surgery and it takes literally all day.  Most patients come in around the same time the sun is rising and leave at dawn.  The procedure, when done right may be "simple" for expert hair restoration physicians, but it is a time consuming and tedious process regardless.  Thus, it's important to plan ahead and prepare yourself for an entire day in the surgical chair.

It's also important to plan for at least a week or two of healing time.  This means downtime and potentially using some vacation time at work.  Moreover, getting all the information about the procedure, whether or not shaving is required of the donor and recpient area and planning to look a little "off" while your hair transplant heals is crucial. 

Many people have concerns about people at working knowing something changed.  While most people like the positive attention when the hair transplant results grow in a year after surgery, many are concerned about the strange looks they may get if they haven't properly prepared to conceal their surgery from their co-workers the first couple of weeks out of surgery.  Wearing a hat or a bandana may be a possibility for some or even topical concealer after 5 to 7 days may be an effective way of hiding surgery. 

One of the most crucial aspects of your hair transplant is to spend the necessary time researching the procedure and doctor who you're considering performing your surgery.  Physician selection is vital to ensure you get the very best results. 

Do get plenty of rest before and after the procedure and do make sure you following your physician's postoperative instructions.  Don't play with your new grafts or pick at them. 

Do talk to former patients of your doctor to get an idea of how the procedure will go and to make sure you feel confident in your choice.  Many patients share their stories and results on our hair restoration forum.  Thus, we suggest viewing their results and reaching out to them to learn more. 

Do be confident in your decision to proceed with hair transplantation.  If you have doubt, don't proceed.  It's better to wait and take the time you need to research and feel confident than make decisions in haste out of emotion.

Written and Published by Bill - Managing Publisher