Hairy Mole Molecules May Put A Stop To Baldness

9/17/2020 3:16:11 PM

A new treatment is in the works to stop baldness, nothing new, another year, another medicine. But this time, there has been a clinical discovery. Dr. Maksim Pilkus, a Stem Cell Researcher at UC Irvine, has discovered that the cells found in excessively hairy moles generate hair growth when injected anywhere on the skin. 

How Does Amplifica Work?

Dr. Pilkus said: "As long as you can tease it out and replicate it in the form of purified molecules, you can achieve essentially what we think would be a novel, revolutionary solution to baldness." The goal is to develop a topical solution that contains these molecules; the molecules have a protein from the human hairy nevus. Once the molecules are derived and formulated into a cream, the cream will be applied on the scalp to stop baldness.

The topical solution is supposed to be a less frequent treatment than Propecia (finasteride) and Rogaine (minoxidil). Dr. Pilkus compares the topical solution to Botox injections, which need to be done every few months for maintenance. 

Will You Grow Mole Hair on Your Head?

The answer to this question is unknown. Most of us would rather be bald than having a head full of mole hair. Another problem that remains unanswered is how long will the hairs grow. Generally, a hair follicle on your head will grow several feet. The hair found on moles grow a couple of centimeters at most, and the texture is a lot different than scalp hair. 


Hearing about cutting edge treatments that stop baldness and induce hair growth can be exciting but let's not be too hasty and throw away our Propecia and rogaine cans just yet. To date, the most effective method for stopping baldness and regrowing hair is hair transplant surgery. Unfortunately, not every hair hair restoration physician is created equal, their skill and talent vary widely, as do their results. Before you buy into hype speak with a physician to discuss your options, both surgical and non-surgical. To consult with a pre-screened physician voted in by actual patients and results, click HERE


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