Multiple Scars from Hair Transplant Procedures - How Short Can I Trim My Hair Without Showing Them?


I've had a hair transplant 5 days ago with Dr. Rahal and I have concerns about my scar (none of which are Dr. Rahal's fault). I have two previous hair restoration procedures that gave me two scars running straight from ear to ear. My new scar is in the shape of a horse shoe and intersects both of them. I like to keep my hair somewhat short on the sides and back and I am worried I will not be able to do this with intersecting scars. The previous two were not done with the trichophytic closure technique. How short are you able to trim your hair without your scar being seen? And when they mention hair growth through the donor scar, is it a significant amount that can successfully camouflage it?


How short you can trim your hair without showing the hair transplant scar will depend on the width of your previous remaining scar(s), the density of your donor hair, and scalp to hair color contrast ratio. Unfortunately, I won't be able to tell you how short you will be able to trim your hair without seeing your existing scars and since your third hair transplant donor scar has not yet matured. Generally speaking, in the best cases, patients can typically trim their hair down to a number 2 guard without showing any traces of scarring. In my case after 3 hair restoration procedures, I usually can trim down to a 4 guard without showing the scar.

The trichophytic closure technique will allow some hair to grow through the scar. Often times, it does make a significant difference and helps camouflage it, making it virtually undetectable even under close examination. Be sure to speak with your hair loss doctor about his approach and what he feels about your scarring patterns since he's not only seen you, but chose to harvest a new strip without removing the old scars. I have faith in Dr. Rahal's ability and trust that he wouldn't do anything to jeopardize the appearance of the donor scar.

Bill - Associate Publisher