My Experience with Saw Palmetto and General Information About Herbal Hair Loss Treatments

When I first started losing hair at about 21 years of age, I tried a number of hair loss products that contained Saw Palmetto including Folliguard and others hoping that they would restore my hair.  Over a period of 3 years (giving each product at least 1 year to test its effectiveness), experientially I learned that these hair loss "miracle cures" did nothing for me. In fact, I only lost more hair in the process while taking them.  As some of you might know, even the proven hair loss medications Propecia and Rogaine are best at helping maintain the existing natural hair one has left and more rarely can regrow hair.  Keeping my expectations realistic, if Saw Palmetto was working for me, it would have at the very least slowed down or stopped my hair loss.  But I continued to lose a lot of hair.

But judging a hair loss product based on personal experience alone is not completely fair because we tend to make generalizations that we think will apply to everybody. This is why scientific evidence through clinical studies and visual proof of efficacy are also extremely important. Before even trying a hair loss product, I recommend doing research to look for this kind of evidence. Be extra careful as the companies selling a particular hair loss treatment will often have compelling photos on their website displaying before and after hair restoration photos. It is better to view results posted by real hair restoration patients. A good place to start would be the Hair Transplant Network's hair restoration discussion forum. Research over 5 years of hair restoration before/after pictures and experiences with hair transplantation and various hair loss treatments.

Being wiser now, I have learned a lot about various hair loss treatments (including Saw Palmetto) by doing extensive research on a number of them including Saw Palmetto.  Despite the hype of “all natural” and “herbal” hair loss products out on the market, I have yet to see any compelling evidence that Saw Palmetto or any other herbal hair loss remedy works as a hair loss treatment.

Other than commercialized testimonies, I have yet to read any real hair restoration patient convincing testimonies as to any of these hair loss products fighting against hair loss.

In my opinion, the two best hair loss treatments are FDA approved hair loss medications such as Propecia (finasteride) and Rogaine (minoxodil). These two hair loss medications have publicized proof of efficacy, both through clinical studies (scientific evidence), and hair restoration patient visually documented proof available all over the internet.