My Husband is Completely Bald. Can He Still Have a Hair Transplant?


My husband is completely bald and his donor area is very weak. Can he still have a hair transplant?


This is an excellent question. It’s important to note that not all balding men and women are candidates for hair transplant surgery. For some who are at the higher end of the Norwood scale, surgical hair restoration may only provide minimal improvement. It’s important that patients are well-educated and have realistic goals.

Depending on a patient’s age and other factors, a hair restoration physician may suggest taking Propecia (finasteride) for up to a year prior to surgery in order to try and increase the density of the donor hair.

The best way to find out what your husband's options are is to consult our interactive map and locate the prescreened quality hair restoration physicians nearest you. He can even schedule a free online consultation.

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