My Scalp is Still Red 4 Weeks After a Hair Transplant - When Will it Go Away and When Can I Go Back to the Gym?


I've had a hair transplant 4 weeks ago and my scalp is still too red to be seen in public. When will it get back to normal so I can go back to the gym?


Hair transplant postoperative redness can last a couple weeks up to a few months in some patients, especially those with fair skin. Postoperative scalp redness however, does not have to dissipate for you to be able to go back to the gym. You can resume some physical activity 10-14 days after hair restoration surgery such as light weightlifting and some cardio. Over the next month or two, gradually increase the intensity of your workouts and use common sense. If you've had follicular unit hair transplantation (strip surgery), don't do anything that will put a strain on the donor scar. Some exercises to avoid for a couple months include anything where you grab the back of your head or it's rubbing against something such as crunches or flat bench press. Also avoid putting your chin down to your chest for a few months.

If your concern is concealing hair transplant postoperative redness, you can always wear a hat or bandana to the gym or anywhere else in public.