Is my Transplanted Hair in Danger of Falling Out without Propecia or Proscar?


I am interested in a hair transplant but have a question about the use of hair loss drugs (like Propecia and Proscar). Several people I know have had sexual side effects using finasteride, but they continue taking them for fear of losing their transplanted hair. In your professional opinion, do I need to continue taking Propecia to keep my transplanted hair from falling out? Is transplanted hair susceptible to DHT?


The good news is, transplanted hair is permanent and does not require the use of Propecia or Rogaine.  Hair restoration surgery operates on a principle known as "donor dominance".  This means that transplanted hair keeps it's donor characteristics and is immune to DHT. See Dr. Beehner's article on "is Propecia a Requirement for a hair Transplant"

The bad news is, hair transplant surgery does nothing to stop the progressive nature of hair loss.  Propecia and Rogaine (especially when used in combination with one another) can slow down or stop hair loss in its tracks, and even sometimes facilitate hair regrowth.