The New Mohebi Inserter Is Now Available for FUE

Dr. Parsa Mohebi has developed a new surgical instrument for Follicular Unit Extraction (formerly known as Follicular Unit Extraction FUE) called the "Mohebi Inserter". This new device will allow surgeons and technicians the ability to insert grafts in to pre-made recipient sites with minimal surgical trauma.

What is the "Mohebi inserter"

The "Mohebi inserter" is a surgial instrument used to implant follicular units in to pre-made receipient sites on the patients scalp. This device was designed to reduce the physical contact between the graft, the patients skin and the forceps. In addition, this device will allow multiple technicians the ability to insert grafts simultaneously, thus reducing the time the grafts are out of the patients body.

How exactly does the "Mohebi inserter" work?

The "Mohebi inserter" works by gently pushing the grafts underneath the epidermis and placing the grafts directly in to the pre-made recipient sites. The follicular units are implanted directly under the skin without touching the surface or the surgeons forceps. This significantly reduces surgical trauma that may occur as a result of squashing or crushing the grafts in to the recipient sites.

How will the patient benefit from this device?

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a surgical technique that requires a hair transplant surgeon's utmost care and attention. Generally, FUE grafts are weaker by nature, because they contain less fatty tissue. Thus, FUE grafts must be handled with care and a minimal amount of physical contact. The "Mohebi inserter" reduces the amount of contact between the recipients skin and eliminates the use of forceps. Thus, improving the survival rate of the patients delicate grafts and boosting the overall yield of the hair transplant.