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News about Hair Multiplication, Laser Therapy and FUE from the anual ISHRS hair restoration meeting

10/9/2007 4:04:21 PM

Pat, the publisher of the Hair Transplant Network and the Coalition Hair Loss Learning Center, focused on including hair loss treatment information and news from the meeting that he thought would be of greatest interest to hair loss suffers. This includes information on the potential dangers of Dutasteride (Avodart), new advances such as hair multiplication (follicular cell implantation), the effectiveness of low light laser therapy (LLLT) in treating hair loss, the pros and cons of FUE - Follicular Unit Excision (formerly Follicular Unit Extraction) and other hair loss treatment topics.

To read his full report, visit our Hair Loss Q & A Blog.

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Patrick is the founder of the hair transplant and the hair restoration community. He began his journey as publisher when as an early patient of the follicular unit revolution he got outstanding results and published them on the emerging Internet web in the late 1990’s. To help patients communicate with each other he started the now very popular and respected hair restoration discussion forum. He continues to act as the publisher.