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Dr. Bessam Farjo and Dr. Bill Parsley, Real Hair Restoration Heroes!

5/25/2017 12:38:44 PM

Dr Bessam Farjo is one of a group of 22 cyclists who will ride from Venice to Milan to raise awareness and funds for Operation Restore.  This group of hair transplant surgeons and support staff, are going to push themselves for 60 miles per day for 4 days, for a total of 240 miles, in support of this worthwhile cause. Dr. Farjo is a world renowned member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration physicians.

Operation Restore has provided more than $650,000 worth of free hair restoration surgery and expenses to more than 65 patients around the world who have suffered permanent hair loss as a result of trauma or disease to date. The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery is one of the largest educational organizations ran by and for hair restoration physicians and is hosting this initiative.

Operation Restore patients have survived cancer, fire, accidents and other unthinkable tragedies. Thus, volunteer physicians are not only restoring lost hair, but are rebuilding each individual's self confidence, image and self-esteem - forever changing the lives of these patients at absolutely no cost.

For those interested in donating to this worthy cause, click here.

Operation Restore Patient Story - Dr. Bill Parsley, Hair Restoration Hero

Born 15 weeks premature and given only a 5% chance to live, Hanna’s difficult birth resulted in severe bruising on her head - leading to lifelong scarring that destroyed the hair follicles on her scalp. Hanna knew from a young age that her hair loss made her different.  From being called a monster by classmates to getting dollars from complete strangers in restaurants who assumed she was battling cancer, Hanna’s hair loss drew unwanted attention wherever she went. On the first day of kindergarten, Hanna told her classmates, “Don’t look at my head, look at my heart. I will be good to you, you be good to me.”

Despite being turned down by their insurance company twice, Hanna’s family was determined to find a way. They learned of ISHRS’s Operation Restore program. Operation Restore is a pro bono program of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) designed to match prospective hair restoration patients suffering from hair loss as a result of an accident, trauma or disease with a physician willing to help those who lack the resources to obtain treatment on their own.

Hanna was matched by Hair Transplant Network recommended physician Dr. Bill Parsley who performed three surgeries at no cost over three years to restore Hanna’s hair which in turn, restored her self-esteem.

See Hanna’s before and after photos:

By donating to this worthy cause, you can be a real hero to a multitude of men, women, boys and girls who are in desperate need of some good news and life-changing surgery.

Note: Other outstanding physicians raising support and/or participating in Operation Restore Include the following:

Dr. Ron Shapiro
Dr. Jim Harris
Dr. Bob Haber
Dr. Jerry Cooley

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