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Why Is My Hair Restoration Surgeon Not Recommended by the Hair Transplant Network?

Category : Hair Transplant Blog 10/20/2017 11:03:37 AM

The Hair Transplant Network prescreens and recommends hair restoration physicians worldwide. The unfortunate truth is that many practicing physicians around the world do not meet our high standards. That said, our recommendation list is not comprehensive. Of course you'll find excellent surgeons across the globe that are not currently recommended by our community. However, we do our best to find those hair transplant surgeons performing state-of-the art follicular unit hair transplantation and invite them to participate in our recommendation process. We also encourage members to nominate surgeons they feel are worthy of recommendation.

Ultimately, the physician must agree to participate in the vetting process which includes addressing questions or concerns from our community members and some doctors do not like to open their work to public scrutiny.

We believe we offer multiple tools and resources to assist prospective hair transplant patients in avoiding pitfalls and finding the best surgeon to meet their needs. These include the following:

          1. Free online consultations with recommended hair transplant surgeons.
          2. Patient created Hair Restoration Websites.
          3. The cumulative knowledge of our extensive Hair Restoration Forum with more than 180,000 posts going back more than a decade.

                No recommendation process is perfect but some sires are more transparent than others when it comes to the vetting process. You can review our criteria for recommending hair transplant surgeons here.

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