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Can a Hair Transplant Replicate a Juvenile Hairline?

Category : Hair Transplant Blog 11/27/2017 6:35:05 PM

Thinning, balding and receding hair can make you appear older than you are. As we age, it's normal to develop a more mature hairline but when younger men start to recede, they often long for the low, straight, youthful hairline that many of their peers are still sporting.

While it's technically possible for a hair transplant surgeon to create a low, juvenile hairline, doing so is not practical or ethical in most cases due to the finite supply of DHT resistant donor hair available for transplantation. Due to the progressive nature of androgenic alopecia, this donor hair must be carefully managed in order to preserve enough to address the patient's current hair loss as well as planning for any future balding.

Rather than using up an abundance of donor grafts to recreate an adolescent hairline, hair restoration physicians will normally recommend a more conservative hairline that not only saves grafts for future procedures but also creates a hairline that will look good into the patient's thirties, forties and beyond.

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