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Alternative Hair Loss Treatments to Propecia when Finasteride Produces Side Effects

Category : Hair Loss Treatments 5/4/2018 9:28:08 PM

Propecia (finasteride) is the most effective antiandrogen and only DHT blocker proven to stop hair loss. However, for those who are experiencing ongoing side effects, it's typically recommended to stop using it.

There is some anecdotal evidence suggesting that saw palmetto may provide some benefit however, it's far from proven. Many hair loss sufferers have used saw palmetto in an attempt to stop hair loss with no luck. For more information on saw palmetto and its potential side effects,click here.

In addition to minoxidil, you may want to try topical ketoconazole solutions like Extina foam and Nizoral or Revita shampoo. You may also want to try Revivogen and/or Crinagen, topical antiandrogens with some anecdotal evidence suggesting effectiveness.

Rogaine (minoxidil) is another effective and FDA proven hair loss treatment option however, it's not often considered an alternative to Propecia. This is because it's not in the antiandrogen family of treatments but instead is a hair growth stimulator. While Rogaine is only FDA approved and proven to stop hair loss and regrow some hair in the balding crown, many hair loss consumers have used it effectively on other areas of the scalp.

The problem with non-surgical hair loss treatments however, is that they are limited in what they can accomplish. In most cases, they're quite good at stopping the progression of female or male pattern baldness and sometimes even thickening thinning hair. However, only hair transplant surgery can grow hair in completely bald areas.

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