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How to Maximize a Hair Transplant

Category : Hair Transplant News 6/7/2018 5:07:41 PM

Having a hair transplant alone will never bring back the glorious head of hair you once sported in your adolescent years. However, in this article we will go over a few tips to maximize your hair transplant and wear those luscious locks with style.


Knowing the proper length to wear your hair is essential for maximizing the results of a hair transplant. If your hair is too short, the layering effect is diminished and thus the hair will appear thinner as more scalp will be visible. Conversely, if your hair is too long it will look thinner because longer hair tends to clump together thus making the scalp more visible. Finding the right length that allows your hair to have volume and feather over one another without clumping together is crucial in creating an appearance of fullness.

Hair style:

Having a good hairstyle is imperative for maximizing your hair transplant results. The most popular and common hairstyles today that can improve the look of your hair transplant are the modern side part comb over and the slicked back pompadour. Both of these hair styles allow hair to layer over one another to block light from reflecting off the scalp.

Topical hair loss concealer:

The two most common hair loss concealers are Toppik and DermMatch both concealers provide an illusion of denser looking hair. With Toppik, hair fibers are magnetically charged and attach to miniaturized hairs and the fibers bind to each follicle, creating the appearance of fullness.  Hard-Packed powder formulas like DermMatch match the color of an individual’s hair to their scalp and minimizes the contrast between scalp and hair.   Both of these products add volume and visual density to existing hair and transplanted hair thus maximizing the results of your hair transplant.


A hair transplant alone will never match the density of a non-balding head of hair. However, the aforementioned tips can create a visual appearance of a fuller head of hair. With that said, choosing a qualified and skilled surgeon is essential for receiving natural results that will last a lifetime.  Find a prescreened hair restoration surgeon in your area  and schedule a consultation today.

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