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Slow Hair Growth After Hair Transplant

9/24/2008 3:14:58 PM


I had my second hair transplant 9 months ago. For the first one, grafts transplanted in the "bald" areas didn't shed but hair density was very poor. That is why I decided to have another hair transplant 7 months later. The grafts fell after 2-3 weeks after and hair regrowth started after 4 months. I started to take minoxidil 2% and vitamins 3 months after hair transplant surgery. My concern is that the hair is growing very slowly. Those in the border with native hair area are 2-3 centimeters long and very dense but very thin. But those near the hair line have grown less than 1 centimeter in 5 months. What can I expect, will these grow normally? Should I take some other medication to speed up the process?


Though you are still not at full hair maturation; hair growth rate 9 months after a hair transplant should be relatively consistent and grow like normal hair. The "thin" transplanted hair should still continue to thicken with time to be more like your regular healthy hair. The fact that it is at least growing is encouraging and is an indication that that hair is attached to the follicle. In my opinion, give it a few more months to see how hair growth rate is affected. I expect in a few more months, it will increase to a regular rate. I'd also suggest consulting with your hair restoration physician about the slow hair growth rates you are experiencing at the hairline and get their opinion.

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