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A Norwood 7 Receives Life Changing FUE Hair Transplants

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Norwood 7 is the most severe level of hair loss. Generally, men who develop this pattern are no longer candidates for hair transplant surgery. However, that wasn't the case for this patient. Click on the article to learn more.

Ryan Giggs Shares His Hair Loss and Hair Transplant Journey

Monday, January 20, 2020

Ryan Giggs, a decorated football player, and Manchester United legend opens up about dealing with hair loss and having a hair transplant. Click on the article to learn the details.

Scott UK Patient Advisor Hair Transplant Journey

Thursday, November 21, 2019

This journey began back in 2012, and his story is not only inspiring- this story not only highlights a great result but the importance of researching the right surgeon. Click on the article to learn more.

Why I Decided To Have A Hair Transplant

Friday, July 12, 2019

Read this inspiring story of how one hair loss sufferer turned his hair loss around through surgical hair restoration.

Real Hair Transplant Patient Shares His Experience with Dr. Keene of Tuscon, Arizona

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Yesterday I had my hair transplant with Dr. Keene of Tucson, Arizona and it could not have gone any better. Dr. Keene and her staff could not have been any kinder, especially given my anxiety and sensitivity to epinephrine. For starters, instead of giving me 3 shots, one after the other in the donor area, they did them in short increments...

Hair Transplant Patient Shares His Surgical Experience and Glowing Review of Dr. Konior

Monday, June 2, 2008

I am currently recovering from a smooth and pleasant hair transplant procedure with Dr. Raymond Konior. I decided to really dig down and do my research. I owe a lot of my new found knowledge to this Hair Transplant Network discussion forum, and I thank you for that.

Dr. Cooley Patient Shares His Hair Transplant Photos and Experience

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I had two previous hair transplant procedures performed by a highly regarded surgeon in Phoenix in 2002 and 2005. Obviously, there are other great surgeons listed on the Hair Transplant Network, but there are some intangible things that I believe make Dr. Cooley one of the best.

Hair Transplant Patient Shares his Surgical Experience with Dr. Glenn Charles of Boca Raton, FL

Monday, April 28, 2008

I am a 37 year old man who was thinning hair in the back and a receding hairline in the front. I have always been a vain guy and looking young is important to me. That said, I checked out many different potential doctors and decided on Dr. Glenn Charles of the Charles Medical Group for hair transplant surgery, based on price and my consultation with him.

Female Hair Transplant Experience with Dr. Glenn Charles of Boca Raton, FL

Monday, March 24, 2008

I am a 58 year old female with thinning hair who was very anxious about the hair transplant procedure and the discomfort but finally decided to try this. The hair transplant cost was no more than what I spent for...

Hair Transplant Patient Shares His Photos and Experience with Dr. Epstein

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I had a hair transplant with Dr. Jeffrey Epstein of Miami on August 16, 2007 of 2700 grafts. I was very surprised how easy it was. I am 10 days post-op and I feel great.

Hair Restoration Patient Receives 2953 Grafts with Dr. Epstein: See His Hair Transplant Photos and Experience Below

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I am so pleased with my hair transplant! I was really worried about my donor scar and scalp elasticity because of the amount of hairs we where shooting for in the donor area. 2300 grafts was our goal. I did not want a big scar so the hair transplant doctor told me to trust him.

Dr. Farjo Hair Transplant Patient Shares His Hair Restoration Experience and Photos

Monday, February 4, 2008

My hair transplant was done on the January 18th, and below is my hair replacement surgery day experience. It is now just over 2 weeks since I've had hair restoration surgery and i have had some hair shedding in the last few days. I now have normal feeling back in al areas of my scalp and my stitches have mostly dissolved and the donor scar is barely visible already. Throughout my consultation and the interim period waiting for the date I had been quite impressed with the Farjo hair transplant clinic's customer service. On the day before and day of surgery this was further enhanced!

Hair Transplant Patient Shares His Hair Restoration Experience and Photos with Dr. Rahal

Sunday, February 3, 2008

The first comment made about possible hair loss by a friend was in my late teens (I'm now 27). Since then i have gone from Propecia (finasteride) to Avodart ( Dutasteride) which has dramatically stabilized my baldness. I now manage to conceal my hair loss with a fair amount of effort on styling but i am keen to get around this as it is time consuming and never ideal for a windy day! After speaking to a variety of hair transplant surgeons, I decided to look abroad and through the Hair Transplant Network, I found Dr Rahal fter reading many positive reviews from previous hair replacement patients and administrators such as Bill, who posts on our hair restoration forum.

Dr. Devroye Hair Transplant Patient Shares His Hair Restoration Photos and Experience.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Just following on the foot steps of hair restoration forum member "VirginScalp" who just had his own hair replacement surgery on the other side of the Atlantic, I just had mine in Brussels yesterday under the expert knife of Dr Jean Devroye. I have just created a hair loss weblog to share my experience and hair transplant photos and will try to contribute as I can. Please bear with me, I have technical issues with the digital camera at the moment.

Hair Transplant Patient Shares His Hair Replacement Photos and Experience with Dr. Siporin

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

This hair transplant patient known as "Lucky Loc " on our hair restoration forum, shares his hair loss and hair restoration experience with Dr. Siporin of Los Angeles, CA, who is recommended on the Hair Transplant Network. You can read this hair transplant patient's hair loss and hair transplant surgical experience below. He has also been posted his experience and hair transplant photos on our hair restoration forum. First off, a huge thank you to all the hair restoration forum members here who have contributed so much information regarding their hair transplant journey. Without that input, i don't think I would've forged ahead with my own hair transplant surgery. A special big thank you to Pat, the Publisher of the Hair Transplant Network and founder of our online hair transplant community, and also for all his visits to various hair transplant clinics and physicians which enables all of us to make educated decisions on hair transplantation and hair transplant physician selection. It was becasue of Pat's visit and subsequent writeup of Dr. Siporin that i discovered Dr. Siporin's practice.