No Hair Growth Six Months after Hair Transplant Surgery

4/27/2012 1:14:44 AM


I had a 4000 graft strip hair transplant surgery over six months ago. So far, nothing is sprouting. May the reason be that I had FUE surgery 1.5 years ago in the same area? It was not too successful - the density. How much time does it take and how big is the chance for success?


It is very unusual to see no sprouting 6 months after a 4000 graft follicular unit hair transplant. However, without before and after photos to compare, it is quite difficult for me to provide an opinion. Have you been taking monthly photos for comparison? You are only halfway through the hair growth and maturation period. I have seen hair transplant patients feel that there has been no growth when, in fact, they are really making adequate progress.

Your prior follicular unit excision (formerly known as follicular unit extraction) (FUE) should not have adversely affected the outcome of your second hair restoration procedure. Did you use the same doctor? Are you certain that your doctor is performing quality hair transplant surgery? Have you discussed your concerns with him or her? I highly recommend starting there.

Ultimately, you will need to wait a full year before assessing your results but there is harm in being proactive.

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