No Hair Shedding But No Hair Growth Either 4 Months After Hair Transplant Surgery


I am nearly 4 months out from my hair transplant and have kept almost 90% of my grafts without any signs of hair shedding. These grafts are about 1/4" long and are not growing. No other new signs of hair growth is visible either. Most people seem to lose their implanted hairs in the first 4 weeks. A few others have kept some or most of their implanted hairs and have kept growing. I do not know why or how my hairs have stayed in for nearly 4 months without growing. If the transplanted hairs go into a resting phase, do they always detach from the base? Is it possible that my transplanted hairs are resting but still attached? I am starting to get nervous.


Try not to be nervous. At 4 months out from a hair transplant, it's not unusual to see very little or no new hair growth. Sometimes transplanted hair detaches from the follicle but remains stuck in the scalp rather than shedding. This would explain no hair growth at this early stage.

Don't get any ideas about pulling on the hairs. They'll come out in their own time, especially as the new ones begin to grow underneath and push through the scalp. Expect to start seeing changes in the coming weeks/months but remember that it takes up to a year for a hair transplant to fully mature.

Bill - Associate Publisher