One week tour of south Florida hair transplant clinics

South Florida may just be the vanity capitol of the world, beyond even Southern California or Brazil. In South Florida people don’t ask why a person had a cosmetic procedure but why they haven’t.

So it is no surprise that South Florida has more hair restoration physicians per capita than any other place in North America. But only a minority of these hair restoration surgeons are providing truly state of the art results.

Over the past few years the publisher of the Hair Transplant Network, Patrick Hennessey, has researched numerous hair restoration clinics in South Florida and out of dozens of clinics narrowed the list down to just a few physicians who he believes are committed to providing the quality hair transplant results.

These physicians are currently Dr. Bernie Nusbaum and Dr. Jeffrey Epstein in Miami and Dr. Glenn Charles and Dr. Alan Bauman in Boca Raton. He has visited each and every one of them in the past and watched them perform quality follicular unit hair transplantation. In his opinion, they are true “gems in the rough”.

Mr. Hennessey has also discovered an up and coming physician just north of Palm Beach in Jupiter, Florida. This experienced surgeon, Dr. Ricardo Mejia, impressed him with his aesthetically natural results and his commitment to doing quality follicular unit hair transplantation.

Hair restoration surgery continues to evolve and the bar for true excellence has once again moved higher in the past couple of years. Today leading hair transplant surgeons are doing ultra refined follicular unit grafting using tiny instruments to create very small incisions that are carefully angled and directed.

This ultra refined technique enables surgeons to densely pack microscopically prepared follicular unit grafts very close together and in large numbers when appropriate for a particular patient. This enables patients to achieve very good cosmetic density in a particular area in one session. In addition, due to the minimally invasive nature of these incisions healing in the recipient area is more rapid.

This past week Mr. Hennessey decided to update my information about who continues to perform truly state of the art hair transplantation in South Florida. Once again, after considerable research and several visits to clinics in the South Florida area Dr. Bernie Nusbaum, Dr. Jeffrey Epstein, Dr. Glenn Charles and Dr. Alan Bauman came up on top, along with Dr. Ricardo Mejia.

While he did not visit Dr. Paul Rose in the Tampa/Clearwater area this past week, Mr. Hennessey assures visitors that Dr. Rose and his hair transplant work is in league with his outstanding colleagues in South Florida. In fact, Mr. Hennessey not only visited Dr. Rose’s clinic this past fall but had surgery with him to add more hair to his crown area.