This is the only solution for balding men to achieve a full head of hair again

Nobody wants to lose their hair.  Thankfully, modern science has enabled balding men and women to restore their natural hair.  Yes, it's naturally growing hair, not a hair replacement system, toupee, wig, etc.  While non-surgical hair replacement systems have come a long way as well, today's modern hair transplant surgery is highly natural looking and thanks to expert hair transplant surgeons who have revolutionized the industry, doctors can move a lot more hair at once from the donor area (the sides and back of the scalp where hair is resistant to DHT - the hormone responsible for male and female pattern hair loss) to the recipient area (the balding areas).  These procedures are known as "megasessions". 

In the old days, hair restoration physicians used mini-grafts or "plugs" and it took 5 to 10 procedures for patients to possess enough hair to cover the majority of the balding areas.  But even then, it didn't look natural.  Years ago, follicular unit grafting took over providing patients with a much more natural appearance.  These follicular units (natural hair groupings of 1 to 4 hairs) are implanted in each site creating a much more natural appearance.  Now, it's typical for surgeons to harvest 3000 to 6000 follicular units at one time making it possible for the majority of patients to achieve a full looking head of hair in only one or two megasessions.

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Written and Published by Bill Seemiller - Managing Publisher