Over 300 Patients Share Their Hair Restoration Experiences and Photos at the Hair Transplant Network

For many years, hair loss suffering men and women had to rely upon hair restoration clinics and infomercials to learn about all the viable solutions for baldness. Hair transplant surgery has been advertised for years as a magical procedure where hair glides from the thick sides and back of your head to the balding top. The assumption conveyed was that a single procedure was a known hair loss cure, giving completely bald men and women a full head of hair. Unfortunately, many patients have not only been less than satisfied with their result, but ended up with an unnatural doll head of hair screaming “hair plugs“. Thankfully today, consumer based hair loss discussion forums exist for men and women to evaluate and hold hair transplant surgeons accountable for their actions.

At the Hair Transplant Network, the # 1 patient driven hair loss community and resource, over 300 patients have created free weblogs in order to share their successful hair restoration journey with pictures. In an age where real patient consumer reviews with photos are at your finger tips, there is no greater opportunity to get past the marketing hype and see with your own eyes what really works.

Feel free to view their stories and share your own. It’s easy and it’s the best way to share your hair transplant photos. To interact with these patients or to create your own free hair loss weblog, visit www.hairtransplantnetwork.com/blog.

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