Is Permanent Hair Loss of Transplanted Hair Possible?


Hi, I had a hair transplant procedure with Bosley in July, 2008 and the procedure was successful but perhaps slightly too thin. It's been over a year and although they have grown in well, I am not sure whether or not some of the transplants are now falling out. Is this possible? You can understand my concerns because it was very expensive to have the procedure done. Please let me known as I'm interested in the truth.


Transplanted hair shouldn't fall out permanently unless hair was taken from unsafe areas from the sides and back of the head or something else is causing the hair loss. "Unsafe" areas include any area of hair that may be susceptible to falling out due to genetic baldness. It's also been said that improper placement of the follicular unit grafts into recipient sites made by the physician could cause transplanted hair to fall out.

Do understand that even healthy hair (transplanted and natural) goes through cycles of shedding, resting, and regrowth. Also, since a hair transplant does nothing to stop the progression of male pattern baldness, continued hair loss may make your hair transplant appear thinner if hair was transplanted in between and around existing natural hair.

If you are concerned that you are actually losing your transplanted hair, you may want to consult with a qualified hair restoration physician who can give you a better idea as to what's going on.