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Dr. Charles' entire practice is devoted to performing total microscopic follicular unit hair transplants.

Why Dr. Charles is recommended.

Dr. Glenn Charles specializes exclusively in the practice of hair transplant surgery and performs both FUSS (follicular unit strip surgery) and FUE (follicular unit excision - formerly follicular unit extraction). He prides himself on giving his patients the most natural and undetectable hair transplant results and operates on only 1 or 2 patients per day. Limiting his practice to hair restoration for over 20 years has set him apart from the rest. Providing one-on-one consultations with his patients, he considers Charles Medical Group a medical art clinic and offers a custom treatment plan for each individual.

Dr. Glenn Charles was born in Buffalo, New York and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. After receiving his undergraduate degree from Michigan State University he obtained his medical degree from Nova Southeastern University School of medicine in North Miami Beach, Fl. Dr. Charles then completed an internship and residency at Michigan State University affiliated hospitals before acting as the primary physician trainer in hair transplant surgery for a large hair transplant organization from 1997-1999. He opened his own boutique private practice, Charles Medical Group in 1999.

View highlights of the visit to Dr Charles' clinic.

Dr. Charles is the past President and a current Diplomat of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery and sat on their Surgery Examination Committee for eight years.

Dr. Charles is active in several medical societies including The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) and The International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgery (IAHRS).
Author and Editor of Hair Transplantation and Hair Transplant 360, the most widely recognized hair transplant textbooks, Dr. Charles regularly has articles published in the Hair Transplant Forum International and is an annual faculty lecturer at the ISHRS annual conference and sits on their Core Curriculum Committee. He recently performed hair transplant surgery at the World Hair Society annual live surgery workshop.

Among the first surgeons in the world to acquire the ARTAS Robotic Hair Restoration System, Dr. Charles serves as a Clinical Trainer for Restoration Robotics and Charles Medical Group serves as a Clinical Observation Center training other surgeons from across the world in the most cutting-edge hair restoration techniques. Dr. Charles has trained physicians from as far as South America, Europe and Asia.

To learn more about Dr. Glenn Charles, visit their hair transplant website at

hair transplant photos and results


Hair Transplant

Sessions: 2
Grafts: 3575
Total Hairs: 3575
Baldness Class: 2
Procedure Type: FUE

Hair Transplant

Sessions: 2
Grafts: 2208
Total Hairs: 2208
Baldness Class: 2
Procedure Type: FUE

Hair Transplant

Sessions: 3
Grafts: 3000
Total Hairs: 3000
Baldness Class: 2
Procedure Type: FUT/Strip

Hair Transplant

Sessions: 2
Grafts: 1500
Total Hairs: 1500
Baldness Class: 2
Procedure Type: FUE

Hair Transplant

Sessions: 3
Grafts: 1622
Total Hairs: 1622
Baldness Class: 3
Procedure Type: FUE

Hair Transplant

Sessions: 1
Grafts: 2149
Baldness Class: 2
Procedure Type: FUT/Strip

Hair Transplant

Sessions: 2
Grafts: 3216
Baldness Class: 2
Procedure Type: FUE

Hair Transplant

Sessions: 1
Grafts: 1645
Baldness Class: 2
Procedure Type: FUT/Strip

Hair Transplant

Sessions: 1
Grafts: 2524
Baldness Class: 2A
Procedure Type: FUT/Strip

Hair Transplant

Sessions: 1
Grafts: 2593
Baldness Class: 5V
Procedure Type: FUT/Strip

Hair Transplant

Sessions: 1
Grafts: 1750
Baldness Class: 2
Procedure Type: FUT/Strip

Hair Transplant

Sessions: 1
Grafts: 2202
Female Transplant
Procedure Type: FUT/Strip

Hair Loss Patient Websites Featuring Hair Restoration Experiences, Results and Photos


I had always been about a Norwood scale 2 or 2a.  Only slight recession in temples and forehead over a period of 14 to 15 years. I have a big forehead, however, so the receding effect, to me, was exaggerated. 

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Basically, my entire frontal hairline was history, but as you can see, Dr. Charles did an incredible job.

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my doctor was dr glenn charles. i had my 1st surgery on oct 31, 2006. my 2nd will be march 5, 2007. each surgery is 2,000 grafts. i had the best experience. i was very nervous & the doctor gave me a pill to relax. he & the staff were amazing...

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My hair loss started around age 19. It began with a temporal recessions and then progressively started to thin in the front middle, leaving me with an Island. I tried everything imaginable to cover it up but ended up being in the brotherhood of the...

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I first noticed my hair loss at age 21 when my hairdresser remarked on the "little rear window" I was developing. Since then I have tried Rogaine and Propecia. With both products I saw little to no re-growth. I found that with no improvement it was...

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I started to lose my hair when I was 20. I was going to deal with it until i heard that one of my friends had got the hair transplant done in Istanbul,Turkey. It didn't seem like a good ideal to get surgery done when I first seen advertising...

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At 29 I started to to notice a pronounced receding of my front hairline. By 35 it was pretty bad. It is definitely a knock at the confidence door.

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I had hereditary issues with male pattern baldness, which began in my mid-twenties.

Over the years, I had many conversations with various doctors about potential "solutions", including hairpieces, weaves, hair-plugs and scalp reduction techniques....

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The surgery was great, during the hair rtansplant, it was relaxing when I got to watch Meet the Fockers. Watching those FOCKERS helped me to take my mind off the first injections. Swelling when down within two days and surprisingly no pain when I left...

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Started thinning at about 18 years old. Always had my hair long below the shoulders, everyday I'd have a different woman telling me how much she would envy my hair, so when my hair loss started, it was like having a part of my personality cut off....

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I had my hairline restored by Dr. Glenn Charles in Boca Raton, FL. In Febuary, 2007. I read a lot of the posts here before I decided to have a hair transplant done. From what I read, most folks started to see dramatic results after the 6 month mark,...

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Recently had a hair transplant with Dr. Glenn Charles in Boca Raton, FL in November 2007. Noticed receding frontal hairline years ago. It kept me locked into certain hairstyle to hide it. The rest of my hair is fortunately very thick so I figured I...

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I started losing my hair when I was 17 but it didn't get noticeable until I was 20, It really made me self-concious , I always said to my self why me? None of my friends are losing their hair. One of my friends constantly bleached his hair and it...

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Starting thinning out after high school. Finally started propecia about 5 years ago and definitely slowed it down but slowly progressed and was getting depressed about it.

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I remember being in my final year in college at age 22 and already seeing a bunch of hairs on the shower's floor.  Although I knew hair loss ran in my family (mother's side), I still was in denial, since nobody on my father's side suffers...

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I had really thick hair as a teenager and never thought I’d have a hair loss problem. However, at age twenty I noticed very slight thinning in front. It was only a mild irritation to me until I got into my early thirties when my hair loss...

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My dermatologist recommended I do this. I hadn't really thought of it before that. I trust his advice. And I thought it might just get worse so it would be good to deal with it before it had to be too much of a drastic change. I only got it in...

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I started losing my hair at 19 and it was a painful realization that I was going bald.  It started with my hairline receding which to me was much worse and more visible that a thinning crown.  Of course by now I have a thinning crown as well...

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My primary concern was my hair line; I wanted it to be natural looking and aged right. Secondly I did not want a big scar on the back of my head.

I picked Glen Charles, and he has exceeded all my expatiations.

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I had been thinning for over 10 yrs and instead of a cool looking crow's peak, I was developing an uneven, ugly gap in the middle of my forehead. I hated the way I looked in photos and in the mirror, and so one day I finally decided to do something...

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My hairline started to receede at age 21. Finally decided to have surgery this year. Talked to a Bosley representative, did a little research on here, and decided to go to Dr. Charles in Boca Raton instead.

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I started losing hair as early as 18 years old!

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I have not really lost much hair I would just have to say it was missing in the corners a little and it looked better in photos when I was in my 20's

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Lost hair +- 35 years old due to skin condition (Lichen) and hereditary pattern. 

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Searched about 1 month ago via web for first time.  I am 48 yrs' old, have gotten into terrific shape, and decided to continue with the transformation with hair restoration.

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I am curently 33 years old. I have always had very thin hair. my father and grandfather were both completely bald except for around the sides and back. my dad was like this pretty much by the age of 23.  i really began noticing a difference a...

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I have been considering this for 3 years, and actually visited Dr. Charles in 2006 for an initial consult. I finally made the decision earlier this year and went through with it in April, 2009. I will probably be kicking myself for not doing it earlier....

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When I was 20 I begun to lose hair. Tried lot of things, like shampoos, creams, but nothing could help at all. I was so frustrated for not being able to help myself get rid of this situation. Then, about two days ago, I decided for the transplant.


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My hair began thinning in the mid 90's, and by 2000 I was losing it pretty badly.  I started taking propecia in late 2000 and within 9 months, I noticed (and friends noticed) a notable improvement.  Since then, my hair was pretty stable,...

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Our names are Jeffrey and Jason and we are identical twin brothers. Our hair loss really began progressing about 5 years ago at the age of 30. Prior to that we noticed some moderate hair loss but then it really took off in our late 20's and early...

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Same as most everyone else...Started in my early 20's and the last two years my hair loss has gotten much more advanced. I took Propecia for a few years in between and stopped b/c I was in California at the time and couldn't really afford to keep...

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Hi, I had 3 previous HT (1 in 2007 with dr. Baumann and 2 in the 90.s with Bosles), and  decided to pick dr. Glenn Charles because of the good reviews I read about him; I will be very honest, the best experience ever, no pain and the staff...

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Hello - I've been losing my hair now for years. My hair loss isnt that bad in the back but my hairline is almost gone - I have been taking propecia for 2 years now. Also , I have been using rogaine for 3 years. Both have helped to slow down hair...

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<p><p>My hair started to slowly recede 19. I was under a lot of stress at the time and I think that may have ignited it. Although I have a genetic disposition to a receding hairline because of my biological dad. </p><p><br...

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I am 23 and have been able to basically control everything about my appearance. I can workout, eat right, tan etc...Hair loss is the only thing that was out of my control regarding my personal appearance. I started noticing thinning in college despite...

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The Real Truth:

Before selecting a doctor like anything I do I reach it to the MAX weather it is a product, Dr. or anything. Being in technology usually I can dig up some type of bad review/problem/dirt on someone. I must stay Dr. Glenn...

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I used to have longer hair.  Not very long, but long.  I started losing hair around 20 or so I think.  Due to my longer hair I didn't quite notice.  I really only got my hair cut two or three times a year.  It went very...

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In 2005, I was diagnosed with a malignant brain cancer.  After 9 months of rigourous treatment, which included the maximum amount of radiation allowed for medical treatment and six months of caustic chemotherapy treatments, I was completely...

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I have not lost any hair. I am a 19 year old college student who has almost no chance of having a receding hair line. My hair will always be nice and thick, but I'm not here for myself. I'm here for my brother, Alex, who is my genetically identical...

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Hair loss started at the age of 22. No family history of hairloss. Wanted to stay ahead of hairloss, so opted for a hairtransplant surgery.

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I have had a total of four hair restoration surgeries. I had my first two surgeries approximately 10 years ago.  The first two procedures were done with some older tech, and continued minimization left poor results.  Grafts were poorly...

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Had quite a bit of hair loss.  I did not want to have any replacements since the people I saw who had this done looked just terrible. I met one person and the hair replacement was excellent. Done by Dr. Glenn Charles in Boca Raton, FL ...

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I have been struggling with hair loss since 2008 and by 2011, all my hair on the top of head were loss. I have tried everything I heard off, to stop the loss and to promote regrowth. In 2012, I had toyed with the idea pursuing hair transplant surgery...

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Hair Transplant Patient Experiences Posted on our Hair Restoration Forum

2052 Graft FUT Procedure with Dr. Glenn Charles


Complete hairline transformation, patient density, and refinement are top-notch!

FUE May 2014 - Dr. Glenn Charles


Dr. Charles patient "sc21" shares details of his recent FUE hair transplant.

2100 Grafts HT with DR.Glenn - Great experience so far


Forum member "jpthind" discussed his hair transplant experience with Dr. Glenn Charles.

FUT My Dr. Glenn Charles - 1/10/13


"Earmuffs" shares his reasons for choosing Dr. Charles along with his post-op hair transplant photos.

Dr. Glenn Charles 2711 grafts


Forum member rexel states, "I was very pleased with the Dr. Charles and his staff." Read about his experience here.

1200 grafts with Dr. Glenn Charles


Happy Dr. Charles patient "HurricaneDave" shares the details of his recent hair transplant.

Hair Transplant Experience with Dr. Glenn Charles


Forum member "Irishman" traveled all the way from Ireland to Florida just to have his hair transplant with Dr. Glenn Charles.

Dr. Glenn Charles in Boca Raton


Forum member "cmjz2897" expresses his satisfaction with his recent hair transplant by Dr. Glenn Charles of Boca Raton, FL.

Dr. Glenn Charles 2052 graft FUT 2nd Proc. Better than 1st with other Doc


"steveholmes2" shares details and photos of his excellent experience with Dr. Charles and staff.

HT experience with Dr. Glenn Charles


Forum member "CaptainCrunch" is thrilled with the care he received from hair transplant surgeon Dr. Glenn Charles of Boca Raton, FL.

Home after HT with Glenn Charles..1693 grafts in the crown


Learn about forum member Gettinold's world class experience with Dr. Glenn Charles of Boca Raton, FL

2241 grafts with Dr. Charles


New forum member "zstern23" discusses his excellent hair transplant experience with Dr. Charles.

HT 1500+ graphs Dr Glenn Charles on 10/29/10


Forum member "rvlaw12" joined our forum to share his deep satisfaction with his experience with Dr. Charles and staff.

2106 Grafts w/ Dr. Glenn Charles Boca Raton FL - 25 yr old Male


Forum member "stronglikebull" shares his first-rate experience in the hands of Dr. Charles and his talented staff.

My 3rd Hair Transplant Experience with Charles Medical Group, Boca Raton Florida


After two successful hair transplants with Dr. Charles, forum member "double" decided it was time for a third. Read about his experience here.

Dr. Glenn Charles in Boca Raton, FL


Forum member "RML" is delighted after two hair transplants with Dr. Charles.

Review of Dr. Glen M. Charles Florida, Boca Raton, (Black, African, Afro, Caribbean)


TarikP reflects on his procedure with Dr Charles and posted a video. Extremely satisfied with the results and was very pleased to only sacrifice 2 dreadlocks, for the donor hair.

Hair Transplant Videos: Patient Results and Education

FUE Hair Transplant - 1489 Grafts - Dr. Charles

This 23 year old hair transplant patient had 1489 graftstransplanted via the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method of hair transplant surgery to his frontal area in a single session.

Male | Caucasion | Class: 2 | 1489 Grafts in 1 Session | FUE | Transplant

Am I Too Young for a Hair Transplant?

Dr. Glenn Charles answering question - "Can someone be too young to have a Hair Transplant Surgery?"

2263 Graft Hair Transplant with Dr. Charles - Post-Op

This 41 year old hair transplant patient had 2263 follicular unit grafts transplanted in his frontal area in a single session.

Male | Caucasion | Class: 5A | 2263 Grafts in 1 Session | FUT/Strip | Transplant

2722 Graft Hair Transplant 8 Months Post-Op

This 35 year old hair loss patient had 2,722 grafts transplanted to his frontal area via follicular unit hair transplantation in a single session. View this video to see how his results are turning out 8 months after hair transplant surgery.

Male | Caucasion | Class: 4 | 2722 Grafts in 1 Session | FUT/Strip | Transplant

2345 Graft Hair Transplant with Dr. Charles

This 52 year old hair restoration patient had 2345 follicular unit grafts transplanted to his frontal area in a single hair transplant session. View the video to see how this patient is healing and progressing at only 3 weeks post-op.

Male | Caucasion | Class: 5A | 2345 Grafts in 1 Session | FUT/Strip | Transplant

859 Grafts via Follicular Unit Extraction

This 27 year old male had 859 grafts transplanted via the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method of hair transplant surgery. The grafts were transplanted to his frontal region.

Male | Caucasion | Class: 3 | 859 Grafts in 1 Session | FUE | Transplant

Hair Transplant 2261 Grafts with Dr. Charles

This 60 year old hair transplant patient had 2261 follicular unit grafts implanted in his frontal, vertex and crown areas. This video features this patient's opinion of the procedure and a view of his scalp immediately after hair restoration surgery.

Male | Caucasion | Class: 6 | 2261 Grafts in 1 Session | FUT/Strip | Transplant

NBC: Hair Transplant From One Twin to Another - Austin and Alex Ford

Twin helps cancer-surviving brother return to normalcy, donates hair through surgery. Dr. Charles of Charles Medical Group donates his skills to help out the brothers. Using the state of the art ARTAS Robotic Assisted FUE, he takes donor hairs from one brother and transplants them onto the other.

Male | Caucasion | 950 Grafts in 1 Session | FUE | Transplant

2117 Grafts Hair Transplant with Dr. Charles

This 76 year old hair transplant patient had 2117 follicular unit grafts in a single session. This videos features the patient 1 year after his hair restoration procedure.

Male | Caucasion | Class: 5 | 2117 Grafts in 1 Session | FUT/Strip | Transplant

Hair Transplant Surgery 4730 Grafts in 2 Sessions

This 31 year old hair transplant patient had 2 procedures for a total of 4730 follicular unit grafts to his frontal area.

Male | Non-Caucasion | Class: 3 | 4730 Grafts in 2 Sessions | FUT/Strip | Transplant

Mustache transplant - 329 Grafts with Dr. Charles

This 36 year old hair transplant patient had 329 Follicular Unit Grafts removed from the back of his head and transplanted to the left side of his mustache and lateral goatee areas.

Male | Non-Caucasion | 329 Grafts in 1 Session | FUT/Strip |

Hair Transplant 1414 Follicular Unit Grafts

This 27 year old male hair restoration patient had 1414 follicular unit grafts transplanted in his frontal hairline in one single session. This hair transplant video is showing the patient at only two days post-op. This patient felt that the procedure was painless and recommends the procedure to anyone else interested in restoring their hair

Male | Caucasion | Class: 3 | 1414 Grafts in 1 Session | FUT/Strip | Transplant

African American Hair Transplant 866 Follicular Unit Grafts

This 26 year old hair transplant patient had 866 follicular unit grafts transplanted in his frontal regeon in a single session. This hair restoration videoo is showing the patient at only six months post-op.

Male | Non-Caucasion | Class: 4A | 866 Grafts in 1 Session | FUT/Strip | Transplant

Hair Restoration 2100 Follicular Unit Grafts

This 32 year old hair restoration patient had 2100 follicular unit grafts transplanted to his frontal and vertex areas in a single hair transplant session.

Male | Caucasion | Class: 5 | 2100 Grafts in 1 Session | FUT/Strip | Transplant

Hair Transplant 1929 Follicular Unit Grafts

This 48 year old hair restoration patient had 1929 follicular unit grafts transplanted to his frontal area in a single session. This patient had 8 or 9 previous hair transplants using older techniques many years ago. Thus, this could be classified as a repair procedure.

Male | Caucasion | Class: 2 | 1929 Grafts in 1 Session | FUT/Strip | Repair

Follicular Unit ExtractionHair Transplant 1109 Grafts

This 25 year old hair transplant patient had an 1109 follicular unit graft procedure via the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method. These grafts were transplanted in both corners in a single session.

Male | Caucasion | Class: 3 | 1109 Grafts in 1 Session | FUE | Transplant

Hair Transplant 2058 Follicular Unit Grafts in a single session

This 52 year old hair transplant patient had 2058 Follicular Unit Grafts transplanted to the frontal and crown areas. Video is showing 15 Hours Post-Op.

Male | Caucasion | Class: 5 | 2058 Grafts in 1 Session | FUT/Strip | Transplant

Hair Transplant Patient Education and Consults

View hair transplant video interviews featuring interviews with leading hair transplant surgeons by clicking on a title that interests you below.

Hair Transplant - Revolutionary Approach to Hair Transplantation

In this hair transplant video interview, Coalition physician Dr. Glenn Charles discusses his approach to performing state of the art hair restoration surgery and patient education and care.

Hair Restoration - Current Trends and Techniques in Hair Transplantation

In this hair transplant video interview, Coalition physician Dr. Glenn Charles discusses how follicular unit hair transplantation became the gold standard and why he only performs this hair restoration procedure at his clinic.

Hair Transplantation - Why Dr. Glenn Charles Became a Hair Transplant Surgeon

In this hair transplant video interview, Coalition physician Dr. Glenn Charles shares what drew him into performing state of the art hair restoration surgery.

Hair Transplant - Dr. Glenn Charles Discusses His Medical Background

In this hair restoration video interview, Coalition doctor Dr. Glenn Charles discusses his medical background and how he became involved in performing state of the art hair transplantation.

Hair Restoration - Free Advice to Prospective Hair Transplant Patients

In this hair transplant video interview, Coalition doctor Dr. Glenn Charles discusses the importance of patient education and hair restoration physician selection.

Hair Transplantation - Important Factors to Consider When Researching Hair Transplantation

In this hair transplant video interview, Coalition physician Dr. Glenn Charles discusses some of the important facets of surgical hair restoration including artistic involvement and helping patients meet their hair replacement goals.

Articles Published on our Hair Loss Q&A website.

Should Hair Transplant Surgeons Charge Consultation Fees?


Every hair transplant surgeon has the prerogative to charge a consultation fee. However, I feel that if they do, that fee should be deducted if the patient ends up having the procedure performed there.

How Can I Treat Pimples and Itchiness after Hair Transplant Surgery?


If it is just a few pimples they usually will go away, but if you are getting several and the area appears red and tender then you should contact your hair restoration physician as soon as possible.

Can I Play Sports 1 Month after Hair Transplant Surgery?


You can play now as long as you are not doing the head butting thing. I have had some professional soccer players as patients and have seen what I feel is an increased amount of scar tissue on the top of the scalp.

How Noticeable is Scarring after a FUE Hair Transplant?


Unfortunately, you won’t really know what your scalp in the hair transplant donor area is going to look like until you do it.

Edit Can I Cut My Hair Short 3 Weeks Before Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Transplantation?


You should have no problem with cutting your hair 3 1/2 weeks before the procedure.

Hair Transplants: Planning Hairline Restoration for Young Patients


You need to use all available information to create a plan. One that will make a nice improvement now while you are young and will also take into consideration the possibility of additional hair loss with aging.

Planning a Hair Transplant: More Coverage or Greater Density?


The answer depends on the size of the scalp (bald area) and hair characteristics. Two hair restoration patients who both receive 2000 grafts to the same sized area of bald scalp can have very different results.

How Long Should I Wait Before Having Another Hair Transplant?


You could have more FUE harvesting done at this time.

How Can I Avoid Stretching My Hair Transplant Strip Scar?


I always instruct the patient to not hyper-flex the neck for the first few months following the hair transplant.

Are My Post-Hair Transplant Pimples Normal?


The only time I recommend a patient be put on antibiotic is if they are getting several pimple-like lesions in a small area that is inflamed and very painful with some sort of drainage.

Can I Use Donor Hair from My Father for a Hair Transplant?


The only way hair restoration surgery has been shown to be successful from one person to another is if they are identical twins.

Is My Scalp Too Tight for Hair Transplant Strip Surgery?


I have had patients that had tight scalps with very little elasticity who I recommended we try follicular unit extraction (FUE) and got good results.

Can I Wear My Hair Short Immediately after Hair Transplant Sugery?


It really depends on the patient’s current hair situation heading into the procedure, what they feel comfortable with and if they intend on trying to camouflage the hair restoration post-op as much as possible.

Safe to Use Hair Loss Drug Propecia (Finasteride) with Saw Palmetto?


I don’t see why there would be any harm in combining the hair loss drug Propecia and Saw Palmetto.

Why Do Some People Have Hair Loss in the Hair Transplant Donor Zone?


Some patients have diffuse hair loss in all areas of the scalp. Generally, these patients are not good candidates for hair restoration surgery.

Camouflaging a Hair Transplant “Strip” Scar?


At 3 months post-op there should not be any harm caused by using cover-up products (concealers) on the donor area. However, I do recommend cleaning area daily.

Chest Hair versus Beard Hair: What Works Best for Body Hair Transplants (BHT)?


It really depends on the type of hair the patient has on their scalp to begin with.

What Type of Solution Should Patients Put on Grafts After Hair Transplant Surgery?


There are really two types of therapies used for treating the grafts post-operatively: saline-based sprays and ointment-based creams. Both have their advantages and disadvantages: the saline-based post-operative sprays ( like H2Ocean or Graftcyte) tend to promote scab formation while also decreasing erythema (redness) and inflammation.

How Long Until the Donor Site is Concealed after a Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Transplant?


If you still have good donor density above and below your previous donor strip, then there is a good chance that the FUE procedure will not be noticeable after the hair grows back.

Follicular Unit Hair Transplant Graft Survival: Reducing the Time out of the Body


One of the methods I have used in my follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplant cases with ARTAS is to make the recipient sites first.

Is Viviscal Hair Loss Treatment Recommended by Hair Restoration Physicians?


Viviscal is recommended by some hair restoration physicians. I offer this as an option for my hair loss patients, but tell them it will likely have more of an effect on quality of their hair as compared to quantity of hair.

Smoking after Hair Transplant Surgery: What are the Risks?


I do not think that smoking a few cigarettes 3-5 days after hair restoration surgery will have a profound effect on your hair growth.

Is Numb or Tingling Scalp after Hair Transplant Surgery Normal?


This is relatively common. The procedure does cause transection of many sensory nerve fibers on the scalp’s surface.

Increased Hair Loss in Hair Transplant Donor Area: Is It Shock Loss?


If you are clearly noticing some thinning hair in the hair transplant donor area just above or below where the grafts were taken from then this is probably shock loss.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Hair Transplant to Restore Sideburns?


When I perform a hair restoration surgery to the sideburns, I usually find the part of the donor area that has the coarsest hairs.

Safely Removing Scabs after Hair Transpalnt Surgery?


You cannot pull out the hair follicles at this point (1 month post-op). I do agree with gentle rubbing/messaging to get the scabs off.

Should Patients Avoid Caffeine After Hair Transplant Surgery?


The post-operative period is an important time for the newly implanted follicular unit grafts. To help protect the new grafts and eventually obtain good growth, hair restoration surgeons provide patients with a strict set of post-operative instructions.

Hair Loss: At What Age Does a Mature Hairline Form?


Everyone grows into their adult hairline at different times.

Treating Follicular Unit Hair Transplant Scar with Enalapril?


I have not heard of that drug being used for the purpose of reducing scar formation. However, Dr. Pathomvanich may have some insight that other doctors do not currently have.

Pain in Hair Transplant Donor Site Due to Remaining Suture?


A piece of non-absorbable suture that is not removed at the proper time after the hair restoration procedure can cause a tissue reaction that may lead to some additional scar tissue in that particular area. It would not necessarily cause a stretching of the scar.

Using Steroid Injections (Cortisone) on a Raised Hair Transplant Scar?


I generally wait at least 6-8 months before recommending any cortisone (steroid) injections. This is because hypertrophic scarring can continue to raise and thicken for up to 6 months after the operation.

Is Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) an Effective Hair Loss Treatment?


The FDA clearance only says it causes no harm. It does not mean that it is effective for treating hair loss.

Hair Transplant Surgery: Does Post-Op Appearance Predict Final Hair Growth?


What you see immediate post-op does not correlate with the final results. Hair restoration physicians use different hair lengths to work with during the procedure depending on what their staff is comfortable working with.

Redness after Hair Transplant Surgery: How long does it really last?


In general, people with more pigmented skin return to normal color faster than fair skinned patients. However, some hair restoration patients just seem to stay red longer than even the doctor expected.

Hair Transplants: Scalp Crusting Two Months after Surgery?


You are not losing follicular unit grafts this far post-op. It looks like very dry scalp. Nizoral shampoo may help.

Post Hair Transplant Shock Loss: When Will Native Hair Regrow?


The native hair that does not experience shock loss will start growing immediately and the hair loss that does occur from shock in the first few weeks should start growing again in 3 to 5 months.

Do All the Hairs in a Follicular Unit Graft Grow after Hair Transplant Surgery?


In most cases, the number of follicles in the grafts would be the same as the number of hairs that grow. However, there are times when only some of the hairs in the follicular unit grafts grow successfully (example: a 3-hair follicular unit graft only grows 2 hairs).

Safely Removing Surgical Staples at Home after a Follicular Unit Hair Transplant (FUT)


If a disposable staple removal kit was not given to you by your hair restoration physician then you need to find a local clinic that will give or sell you one.

Hair Transplant Suturing Techniques Explained: Subcuticular vs. Fascial Closures


There are a lot of different suturing techniques that can be used in hair transplantation. Doctors also use different names to describe the same techniques.

Shock Loss and Hair Growth after Hair Trasnplant Surgery: What to Expect


I generally tell my hair transplant patients that, if they have any shock loss of the original/native hair, some hair loss will be temporary and some will be permanent.

Creating a Temporary Hair Transplant with Non-Permanent Donor Hair?


If you ever decide to have a hair transplant, a plan needs to be created that will take into account that you will likely have more hair loss in the future.

Sleeping after Hair Transplant Surgery and the Risk of Scar Stretching


The biggest concern with head and neck movement in the first several months following a hair restoration procedure is excessive flexion of the neck. I always remind my patients to avoid chin to chest movement.

Shock Loss after Hair Transplant Surgery: How Common Is It?


Shock loss is always a possibility when placing follicular unit grafts around existing hairs. The more unhealthy the original hairs are, the better the chance they can shed post-operatively from shock.

Revolutionary Hair Transplant (Donor Hair Taken From Twin) Restores Hair to Teenage Cancer Survivor: Dr. Glenn Charles


Every now and then, an exceptionally inspirational tale emerges that truly demonstrates the impact that hair transplants can have in the lives of those affected by hair loss. The story of teenaged twins Alex and Austin Ford is one of these.

Why Does Hair Growth Appear Wiry after Hair Transplant Surgery?


When transplanted hairs go through the first growth cycle after hair restoration surgery, they often are more brittle and wiry.

Hair Transplants: How to Accelerate Post-Operative Healing


I would be careful and consider not putting too many products on the transplanted area post-op. There is a product call ASEA that you can spray on the transplanted area and also drink that I have found to reduce the incidence of post operative redness and swelling.

Pimples After Hair Transplant Surgery: Is it Normal?


Pimples in the donor area usually occur when hairs are caught within the donor incision. It is also more common when a trichophytic closure is used.

Facial Swelling after Hair Transplant Surgery


Icing generally only has an effect in the first 24 hrs. If swelling occurs after hair restoration surgery it is usually the 3rd or 4th day post-op and you just need to let it take its course.

Are Hair Transplant Strip Scars Visible Through Wet Hair?


Remember that every surgical hair restoration patient has different healing properties. The technique used by the hair transplant surgeon to suture the donor area and how much tension is present are the major factors that determine a strip scar’s appearance.

Why a Balding Crown May Require Multiple Hair Transplants to Achieve Desired Density


It is common to need a second procedure in a balding area that started with very little or no hair to achieve better density.

Using Hair Transplant Surgery to Reconstruct Female Sideburns after a Facelift


If you have had a failed strip (FUT) hair transplant, I do not see why FUE could not be attempted to reconstruct your side burns. You would need to have a small area in the donor area shaved to perform the FUE procedure.

Should I Be Concerned about Slower Hair Growth in the Crown after Hair Transplant Surgery?


Over the past 14 years, I have routinely observed slower hair regrowth in the crown region compared to other areas, including the frontal and mid scalp. It is not always the case but is an unwritten, general rule.

How Common is Shock Loss in the Hair Transplant Recipient Area?


In my experience shock loss is more common in the hair transplant recipient area. I have only had a few surgical hair restoration cases over the past 14 years with noticeable shock loss in the donor area.

Am I Too Young for Hair Transplant Surgery?


Age should only be one factor when deciding if a person is a candidate for hair restoration surgery. My thought is that a patient must understand if more balding occurs in the future (which is likely) that more hair transplants may be required and any hairline/frontal work needs to be done in a conservative location that will look appropriate with aging.

Maximum and “Safe” Density a Hair Transplant Surgeon Can Achieve


If you asked 10 different hair transplant surgeons “what is the maximum safe follicular unit per square centimeter density” you would probably get 10 different answers.

Do Sagittal Incisions or Lateral Incisions Produce the Best Hair Transplant Results?


Both the sagittal and coronal slit have their place in hair transplantation. I often use combinations and have done very large cases using both methods.

Is Biotin an Effective Hair Loss Treatment?


In my opinion, it would be almost impossible to get a significant increase in biotin with diet alone. You would definitely need some quality supplements. I recommend one that uses the newer nano technology.

How to Effectively Treat Folliculitis after Hair Transplant Surgery


Folliculitis or post-op infection lasting two months or more is not a good sign. It is likely that the bacteria that is causing the infection is not being covered by the current antibiotic.

How Soon after Hair Transplant Surgery Can I Resume My Normal Showering Routine?


Seven to ten days after hair restoration surgery you can return to your normal shower routine. By that time all the scabs should have fallen off and there is not much you can do to harm the follicular unit grafts.

Does Alcohol Consumption Affect Hair Transplant Growth?


Alcohol used in moderation should not have much of an effect on the growth of the transplanted hairs. However, I would be very careful with the use of diet pills. They commonly have side effects and are very difficult to monitor.

Do Transplanted Hairs Fall Out One Month after Hair Transplant Surgery?


I have had patients that called me 3 weeks after hair restoration surgery and told me all the scabs had fallen off and the transplanted hairs looked twice as long as they did after the surgery.

Do All Hair Transplant Surgeons Use the Trichophytic Closure Technique?


There are several different ways to suture the donor wound in a hair transplantation procedure. Some doctors have tried the trichophytic closure and did not get as good of a result as they did with their previous technique.

Will Using Minoxidil (Rogaine) Prevent Shedding After a Hair Transplant Procedure?


Many hair transplant physicians recommend the use of minoxidil post-operatively in an attempt to prevent shock loss of the existing and transplanted hairs.

Can Over-Styling Lead to Hair Loss?


I do not think changing hairstyles and hair directions actually causes hair loss. If extreme pulling of the hair is used to create a specific hairstyle that could potentially cause a type of traction alopecia.

Is It Normal to Shed Hair after Hair Transplant Surgery?


In most cases shedding will occur in the first 4 weeks after hair transplant surgery. I suppose a delayed shedding is possible but not very likely. You are right on track.

Placing Multiple Hair Follicular Unit Grafts into the Hairline During Hair Transplant Surgery?


I would say that one of the main points of “Hair Tranplants 101″ is to always use single hairs/follicular units to create the hairline.

Increased Hair Loss after Hair Transplant Surgery


At twelve days after hair restoration surgery it would be very unlikely that you could cause any damage to the follicular unit grafts. But, be careful because the remaining hairs in the recipient area are more fragile than they were prior to the hair transplant.

Scabs with Small Hairs Falling Off One Week After Hair Transplant Surgery


Shedding of scabs that have little hairs in them at 1-1.5 weeks is normal. It is very unlikely that what you’re seeing are actual hair follicles.

Will Closing a Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) Incision Site Pull The Hairline Back and Tighten the Scalp?


Most of the “pull and stretch” associated with scalp laxity and the tissue removed during the hair restoration surgery comes from the back of the neck area and not the forehead. Unfortunately, you will not get a face lift in addition to the hair transplant.

What is Considered a Hair Transplant Touch-up?


Hair restoration physicians have different definitions when it comes to touch ups. I would consider it a touch up if I was only adding a few grafts (100-200) to an area that I transplanted prior and it appears that there was little hair growth.

Using Vitamin E Oil on a Hair Transplant Donor Scar


In my hair restoration clinic, I recommend that all patients use Vitamin E oil on the donor wound to reduce the scarring associated with follicular unit transplantation (FUT).

How to Expedite Healing after Hair Restoration Surgery


I have found that after any type of surgical procedure, including hair transplants, ocean or sea water speeds up the process of wound healing.

Can Rogaine (minoxidil) Lower a High Hairline?


I have never really seen Rogaine lower a patients hairline. In most cases the only way to do that is with a hair transplant. In fact, even if you used Rogaine 4 times per day ( twice the recommeded dosage ) I would not expect any change in the height of your hairline.

Will Coloring My Roots Help Obscure My Hairline after a Hair Transplant?


Since dying or lightening your hair isn’t permanent and doesn’t typically result in significant damage to the follicle, it is worth a try and may make the hairline a little less noticeable.

Should Hairlines Created During a Hair Transplant Procedure be Symmetrical or Slightly Asymmetrical?


Although each hair transplant patient‘s case is unique, surgeons generally do their best to recreate naturally occurring hairlines. Despite the fact that the “jagged” appearance seen in most post-operative pictures may look a

Using Vitamin E to Minimize Hair Transplant Scarring


Vitamin E is used pretty frequently for preventing scarring in general (not just in scarring from hair transplant procedures). From what I understand, there are experts who believe that Vitamin E helps with reduced scarring and quicker healing, and others who don’t quite believe the research is

When Can I Start Using Concealers after a Hair Transplant?


I tell my patients that it is safe to resume using concealers after all of the scabs have fallen off. At that point there is not a lot the patient or hair restoration physician can do to change the results.

How Can I Treat Hair Loss Due to Telogen Effluvium?


I would really take a good look at your overall diet and nutrition. Significant hair loss occurring in a short period of time often can be slowed down and sometimes corrected by improving a patient’s general health.

Has PRP Proven Effective for Treating Hair Loss?


I admit that some of my PRP patients did not have any visible new hair growth after 6-8 months. I have also had some patients that truly believe the treatment increased the density in certain areas and improved the texture of the hair as well.

How Can I Meet Real Hair Transplant Patients in Person?


In addition to connecting with patients via the Hair Restoration Network, you can also ask a hair restoration physician to arrange for you to meet with a patient who had hair transplantation.

Obtaining and Implanting Additional Grafts During a Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) Scar Revision Procedure?


In many cases, I completely understand the appeal of removing and implanting additional grafts during a scar revision procedure. The patient is already at the hair transplant clinic and a strip, whether still containing some viable follicular unit grafts or simply scar tissue, is being removed regardless, so why not add additional density?

Measuring Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) Levels in the Body?


Yes, you can measure a hair loss patient‘s DHT (the hormone directly responsible for genetic balding) levels. The two most common methods of measuring DHT , as well as many other hormone levels, is through a blood draw or a saliva panal.

Are Lasers Good for Treating Hair Loss?


I have heard that a few new companies are coming out with stronger lasers for treating hair loss. We will have to wait to see if this really happens.

Does Shampooing Affect Hair Loss?


Trying Propecia (finasteride) daily and Nizoral shampoo a few times a week is a reasonable plan to start out with. You should give it at least 6-9 months before re-evaluating.

Is Shock Loss in the Hair Transplant Donor Area Common?


In my experience, shock loss in the hair transplant donor area is not that common but it certainly does happen in some isolated cases. It seems to be a little more common in females than in male patients.

Are Transected or Damaged Follicles Discarded or Implanted During a Hair Transplant?


Good question. It depends on what type of hair transplant procedure is being performed and how the hair restoration physician has instructed his or her technicians to handle this situation.

How Long Does Scalp Discoloration Remain after a Hair Transplant?


The only patients that I have seen with post-operative redness lasting for more than 1-2 weeks are those with very fair skin. I try to warn patients with this skin type to expect prolonged redness after their hair transplant.

What is the Appropriate Age for a Hair Transplant?


There is no perfect age for a hair transplant. When surgical hair restoration is considered in younger patients it should be done very conservatively. A long term plan should be established between the doctor and the patient taking into consideration the good possibility of continued balding.

Recovery Time after a Hair Transplant


The time necessary for recovery after a hair transplant varies for each patient. I have many patients who are back to normal one week after the hair transplant. Others, because of very fair skin and a high degree of balding, have some prolonged redness that lasts for a few additional weeks and is hard to camouflage.

Do Transplanted Hairs Grow before Shedding?


The transplanted hair follicles often do grow a little bit before they fall out. However, sometimes the hair is stunted and has a longer delay before it either falls out or starts growing.

Hair Transplant Vs. Propecia for 25 Year Old Male


Doing follicular unit hair transplantation in the crown on a 25 year old patient without even trying some non-surgical hair restoration options would not be very wise.

Can I Shave My Head After a Hair Transplant?


The type of procedure you are having and the way your skin heals will really determine how short you will be able to cut your hair in the donor area after hair transplant surgery. I usually tell patients to be prepared to keep the hair a little longer in the donor area, but in return you will have more hair in the areas of thinning hair and balding...

Hair Coloring After a Hair Transplant Procedure


I recommend to my hair loss patients that they have hair coloring done at least 1 week prior to their hair restoration procedure, and wait at least 3-4 weeks after the surgery before coloring again. Hair transplantation is an expensive procedure...

When Does Hair Transplant "Shock Loss" Grow Back?


Some of the hairs that fall out due to post hair transplant telogen effluvium known as shock loss will grow back just before or at the same time as the transplanted hairs – 3-5 months after the procedure. In cases where there are a lot of very weak, thin, dying hairs in the recipient area some of the shocked hairs will be lost permanently. There is no current way to determine which hair loss patients will get...

Donor Area Hair Loss After Third Hair Transplant Procedure


Unfortunately, there is no test we can perform to determine who will get hair loss (telogen effluvium) due to shock and who will not. I have had several hair transplant patients over the years with similar stories to yours. They had multiple procedures but only had donor shock loss after...

Graft Survival and High Density Hair Transplant Procedures


The answer really depends on what hair transplant clinic/doctor you go to. Some hair restoration physicians have the capabilities of placing higher numbers of grafts in smaller spaces and still obtaining a high yield percentage. There have been a few recent studies showing very high success in the range of 90-100 FU/cm2...

Taking Hair from the “UnSafe” Zone for Hair Transplantation


In my experience this is not very common. Most hair restoration patients trust the doctor to only take donor from an area that is most likely permanent. If a patient is already having hair loss or thinning hair and the doctor feels that it is due to male pattern baldness (mpb), it would not...

Is 10 Months Too Early for a Second Hair Transplant?


At 10 months you are probably looking at 80-90% of your hair growth. It really depends on when the hair started growing. If you were getting growth at 3 months, you will be close to a final result at 10 months. If you did not start getting hair regrowth until month 4 or 5 then you may need to wait up to 1 year to get a final result. The concern in transplanting a second procedure too soon is that the doctor may make an incision in the recipient area right on top of a previously placed follicular...

Potential Danger of Wide Scars in Hair Transplant Surgery


This is one of the potential downsides of taking donor strips that contain 4500 follicular units. Bigger strips=bigger wounds= more tension=bigger scars. Some hair replacement patients have tighter scalp to begin with. Did your doctor recommend scalp exercises or was a two layer closure used in your procedure to close the donor wound? Scar revisions can be performed at a later time as well as follicular unit extraction (FUE) into scars...

Benefits of the Haber Spreader in Hair Transplant Surgery Donor Removal


The Haber spreader can be very useful and help to minimize transection of follicles during donor strip removal in surgical hair restoration. However, I think it works best when using a single blade to make the initial scoring incision followed by the Haber spreader. You do not have to go deeper just because a single...

Is doing more than one Hair Transplant Procedure Dangerous to the Patient?


The number of hair transplant procedures per day a physician performs should not be the only factor used in deciding where to go to have your surgery. For example there may be a hair restoration clinic that performs 2 or 3 procedures a day, but uses 20-23 surgical assistants/ technicians. This clinic would have the ability to divide the staff up to have 7-7 assistants in each surgery. On the other hand there may be a clinic that only performs one procedure each day, but only uses 4 assistants/ technicians.

Are Hair Transplant Megasessions Safe?


The answer to this question is quite complex. It would depend on what hair restoration physician was performing the surgery. Meaning does a particular surgeon and their staff have the actual capability of carrying out a procedure of greater than 4000 follicular unit graftss in a reasonable period of time? As important, does the hair transplant patient have the donor hair density and scalp laxity? If all of the above is true there are still many other factors that should be considered. How large is the balding area in which the grafts are to be transplanted into?

Do All Good Doctors Shave the Head for Hair Transplant Surgery?


There are some great hair transplant doctors who require the patients shave the hair and other excellent hair restoration doctors who do not require shaving. One thing for sure is that the surgery is easier to perform if there is no hair to work around. The question is what is more important? Making the surgery easy for...

Are Hair Transplants Detectable?


With the technology available in the field of hair restoration, the results should be virtually undetectable. Certainly some hair transplant cases depending on the patient’s hair characteristics are more difficult than others. Some patients may require more procedures to achieve the same degree of undetectability as other patients get with a single hair replacement surgery...

Activities that may Negatively Impact Hair Transplant Growth


There is no exact science to positively impacting optimal hair growth yield following hair transplantation surgery. I do feel strongly that a healthy diet including vitamins and minerals play an important role. The other things like smoking, drinking alcohol, and caffeine probably do play a role. If they are taken/used in moderation, they most likely they will not cause much damage. If they are abused as in most cases they will probably cause some degree of harm...

How to Create a “Soft” and Natural Hairline with Hair Transplantation


Creating a soft and natural hairline with surgical hair restoration should be addressed by the hair replacement surgeon during the procedure. It is critical that the thinner/finer hairs be used in the hairline. Thick/coarse hairs will most likely have a similar look and feel no matter where it is placed. It is true that sometimes transplanted hairs will be more brittle and kinky during its first hair growth cycle...

Bleeding Grafts 2.5 Months After Hair Transplant Surgery


Bleeding from the grafts 2.5 months after your hair restoration procedure is almost impossible. It is much more likely that you scratched a scab or a pimple-like lesion that caused the bleeding. It is around 2-3 months post-op that many patients experience folliculitis. This is a common condition that may be a sign that hairs are starting to grow, but curled at the surface and have become in grown...

Concerns about Lack of Doctor Involvement in Hair Transplant Surgery


The amount of technician involvement in hair transplant surgery varies greatly among the many hair restoration physicians. There is a common denominator that probably has a significant impact on the actual results. This is the experience of the person who is doing the graft placement. Some technicians can learn this procedure quickly and others may take a long time to get the feel for it. It is up to the hair loss doctor to be able to recognize which staff members have this ability...


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