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Hair Restoration Services offered:
Ultra Refined Follicular Unit Transplantation, FUE and cutting edge approaches to enhanse or refine older work
Prescriptions for Propecia and options for all medications that are proven hair loss treatments
Complimentary in-depth consultations


10650 Park Rd, Suite 310
North Carolina



Dr. Jerry Cooley and his staff were early adapters of using microscopes to do excellent all follicular unit hair transplantation.

Why Dr. Cooley is recommended.

Dr. Jerry Cooley has an excellent reputation among his peers as one of the premiere surgeons doing follicular unit transplantation. He uses all the latest hair transplant techniques including FUE - Follicular Unit Excision (formerly known as Follicular Unit Extraction), ACell, FUSS (follicular unit strip surgery) and Hair Duplication formerly called "autocloning" for those who are appropriate candidates.

View highlights of our visit to Dr Cooley's clinic .

Dr. Cooley's hair transplant technique is truly "ultra refined". Using minimally invasive, cutting-edge equipment, he can perform large, densely packed gigasessions exceeding 4000 grafts when appropriate for the patient with minimal scarring and excellent growth. Dr. Cooley typically operates on only one patient per day.

Dr. Cooley is a board certified dermatologist and diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS). He has served as Vice President of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) and its President in 2011. In 2008, he won the coveted Platinum Follicle Award from the ISHRS for his many scientific contributions to hair restoration. He is a frequent lecturer at hair transplantation conferences, and has authored numerous articles and textbook chapters in the field.

Dr. Jerry Cooley is committed to researching improvements in the field of hair restoration and has received three research grants from the ISHRS. Dr. Cooley served as head U.S. consultant for Intercytex, Ltd., a British company which attempted to develop a “hair cloning” treatment for hair loss. He continues this research with leading academic researchers and biotech companies and has been featured in numerous media outlets, including the New York Times, The New Yorker and Wired magazines.

Dr. Cooley has conducted important studies demonstrating the importance of using microscopic dissection in creating grafts during FUSS. He is also well known for his laboratory research on hair cloning.

Dr. Jerry Cooley's academic credentials are particularly notable with a medical internship at John Hopkins and a dermatology residency at the University of Maryland where he served as chief resident. While in Baltimore he also trained extensively with Coalition member Dr. James Vogel, a well recognized plastic surgeon from Johns Hopkins.

Dr. Cooley is an active member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), the world’s largest organization of hair restoration surgeons. He has also served on the scientific and Internet committees for the ISHRS and was named Surgeon of the Month by the Hair Transplant Forum for his contributions to the field.

Platinum Follicle AwardDr. Jerry Cooley is the winner of the 2008 ISHRS Platinum Follicle award.  To learn more about his outstanding achievements as it relates to scientific research in hair restoration, visit “Highlights of the Annual 2008 ISHRS Scientific Meeting in Montreal”. Those who are in his area can go to him knowing that they are going to get quality work that is first rate by national and international standards. He takes a holistic approach to hair restoration and also prescribes non surgical medications like Propecia when appropriate.

For anyone looking for an outstanding hair transplant surgeon in the Carolinas and beyond, we highly recommend consulting with Dr. Jerry Cooley.

To learn more about Dr. Jerry Cooley, visit their hair transplant website at

hair transplant photos and results


Hair Transplant

Sessions: 1
Grafts: 3618
Total Hairs: 7636
Baldness Class: 5
Procedure Type: FUT/Strip

Hair Transplant

Sessions: 1
Grafts: 2249
Female Transplant
Procedure Type: FUT/Strip

Hair Transplant

Sessions: 1
Grafts: 3514
Female Transplant
Procedure Type: FUT/Strip

Hair Transplant

Sessions: 1
Grafts: 1756
Baldness Class: 2
Procedure Type: FUT/Strip

Hair Transplant

Sessions: 1
Grafts: 4289
Baldness Class: 5
Procedure Type: FUT/Strip

Hair Transplant

Sessions: 1
Grafts: 2241
Baldness Class: 3
Procedure Type: FUT/Strip

Hair Transplant

Sessions: 1
Grafts: 3049
Baldness Class: 3V
Procedure Type: FUT/Strip

Hair Transplant

Sessions: 1
Grafts: 1213
Baldness Class: 2
Procedure Type: FUE

Hair Transplant

Sessions: 1
Grafts: 3582
Baldness Class: NA
Procedure Type: FUT/Strip

Hair Transplant

Sessions: 1
Grafts: 3164
Baldness Class: 3A
Procedure Type: FUT/Strip

Hair Transplant

Sessions: 1
Grafts: 3637
Baldness Class: 4
Procedure Type: FUT/Strip

Hair Transplant

Sessions: 1
Grafts: 2117
Baldness Class: 5
Procedure Type: FUE

Hair Loss Patient Websites Featuring Hair Restoration Experiences, Results and Photos


I began to notice my hair loss at the young age of 18. My temples recessed rapidly and my crown began to thin shortly thereafter. By the time I was 22 years old, I was a NW3 on the Norwood scale and by the time I reached 25 I was easily a NW4. I lived...

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Hair loss never really bothered me too much as I aged. My hair started receding and disappearing at age 18. I've always had some sort of hairline and the picture of myself in my mind has always been with hair and I’ve been...

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Started when I was 21 years old, first year of dental school.  Progressed to NW6 in 15 years.  At 23 I tried Rogaine, but didn't like the way it made my hair feel.  At the time I said I'd rather be bald than use this stuff - boy was...

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Started losing hair and confidence 5-6 years ago and through extensive research found an outstanding doctor in the Carolinas.

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I started losing my hair very gradually at age 21.  For those who have experienced the agony of experiencing your hairline slowly recede further and further back I'm sure you can I FINALLY decided to do something about it after...

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Started thinning at 19 and although everyone says I look good with a shaved head, I'm sick of the look and need a little variety. So.. after 5 years of HT reasearch, I finally decided to get the job done. So far, so good.

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I started noticing my hair loss at age 22. Almost immediately I tried Rogaine but it didn't do any good. I went on and off with Propecia as well. By my early 30s I had lost quite a bit of hair. I went to at least 3 different consultations, and the...

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Typical Male Pattern Baldness receeding hairline started slowly during my mid 20's and progressed throughout my 30's and seemed to stabilize somewhat in my early 40's. I had a general thinning of my crown which started in my mid 30's and progressed...

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I started to lose my hair when I was about 19 years old and really started balding around the age of 24. I had tried Rogaine and it made my fine hair look oily and it was just a pain to put it on every day. I started Propecia in 1999  and...

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Family history of women with receeding hairlines, exacerbated by chemotherapy and hormone therapy for breast cancer.

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I never had lots of hair in the temple areas. I have been slowly losing hair since my mid-20's. However, I noticed a bit more hair lost in the temple areas about 3 years ago. Although I am an appearance conscious person, it never really bother me until...

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I first began noticing increased hairloss at around the age of 20. The well known "never-ending sink full of hairs" had began. Although at the time I had a very plush mane, panic quickly insued. I became obsessed. Constantly...

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DIFFUSE THINNING????  My pics can sometimes look like I have more hair than I actually do, so if any of you are thinking "Why is this guy wanting a transplant?", forget it because had the wind been blowing that day you could see straight to...

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Started going thin in college. Began to hear the jokes and people saying "Your hair is falling out because you wear a hat". Had approx. 250 mini-graphs in 1994. Although no one has ever noticed, I can clearly see where the 3-4 hair graphs are. I had...

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Appx. 1000 Grafts with Dr. Cooley in Charlotte 3.5 years ago.  Generally satisfied with results, given that  I was  a previous war  refugee of  neanderthal  results----the now deceased CP Chambers  performed 5...

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I used to be a Hair Club client. In fact, I wore a modified cover for a few months while my 3000 unit job was growing in.

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My father lost most of his hair during his lifetime.  Once I hit my early thirties, my hair began to thin on top.  It really was a helpless feeling thinking there wasn't anything I could do to stop the hair loss.  With...

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Started noticing hair loss when I was 23. Began in the crown region and has gradually progressed since then. I am now 28.

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I started losing my hair in my early 30's. That was 20 years ago. Hair transplant options were not that good back then. I was too young to lose my hair and I was beginning to look older than I actually was because of the hair loss.

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Started losing my hair around 24 years old...continued to progress year after year making me (in my opinon) look much older than I actually am...  

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I started lossing hair when I was 21. I tried couple of things but did not work. last 2 years I tried Rogain, but the hair loss became more severe lot of danruff and dry scalp.

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I first noticed I could see my scalp in the crown area when I was 27 in one of those three way mirrors in the bathroom in a cruise ship and was like holy smoke I have never seen any of my white scalp or any hair missing on my crown...

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For the last 7 to 10 years I have experienced progressive hair loss initially from the crown and more recently from both sides of the frontal-parietal scalp.  I just posted the 3 month view.  It is a lot better after finasteride and rogaine. ...

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I first noticed temporal recession 6 years ago.

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Losing hair since 1994. Have been on different medicines since then.Have tried Allopathy, Homeopathy and also Ayurvedic medics. Some might have worked on reducing hairloss for some months but i was very sad when they were not working for months together...

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Started loosing hair in my early 30's.

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Started losing my hair around age 21. Had 700 grafts placed in the temple area back in 1992 with very poor results.  There was really no reason to have tranplant surgery at that point and I lived with some very plug like results once my hair...

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 I started to slowly loose it at 22-23. No history of hairloss on both sides of my family.My brother, my cousins, my uncles, my grandfather, everybody have thick hair....I am THE "lucky" one! I gues it's just because I am smarter than...

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I started noticing in my late 20's that I was getting a little thin up top.  I tried different vitamins and for a short time tried Rogaine...little to no results.   I did nothing for several years but started researching...

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Noticed gradual recession and thinning around age 18. Increased significantly over the past few years. I wear a buzz cut so the loss is not so obvious, and also because there aren't many options with no hair on the top of your head.

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Began losing my hair in my 20s.  Progressively got worse throughout my thirties.  Began bad thinning in the crown around 32.   

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I started losing my hair gradually since 18. I had major thinning in the crown and recently more in the hairline. Like everyone else, hairloss affected my confidence in a big way. The aged guy i see the mirror everyday does not resemble me!


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My Hair loss started when I was 23, I didn't notice anything until age 25. I spend a couple years obsessing about it and in 2007 started to do some research. I decided in 2010 to go for it. I've been on Finasteride for 1 year prior to the HT

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Started losing it at 22. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about it in some way.  I've thought about a HT for the last 10 years, but felt guilty about spending that much money on myself. But finally, it had come to the point...

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I've been suffering with hair loss for 12 years now. Forced into the "comb over" hairstyle for at least 10 years. Cant stand it! Im fairly young and hanging out with friends that have all the latest hairstyles, just kills me. Had a previous procedure...

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Well, I think I could live with the hair loss, but I did not like the idea.  You would have those "bad hair days" that made it difficult to feel good about facing the world.  I decided I would do something and take one more concern out...

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I have been battling hair loss since the mid to late 80's after taking Accutane right when it first hit the market. Just like everyone else, I have seen every type of Doctor possible to determine reasoning/treatment for my worsening condition. ...

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I'm a 29 years old, started noticing my hair thinning around the age of 23. My hair was so thick that I didn't really bother doing anything about it. I really started to notice very thinned hair around age 25 and decided to do something about it.My...

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Can remember someone referring to me as a "member of the brotherhood of the mature hairline" at the age of 16. Had a slow recede the next 10 years or so and a real accelerated thinning of the front between age 26 and 32. 


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Started to notice thinning when I was about 27.  Didn't think too much about it, but over the last 2 years noticed an increase of hairs in the sink and sunshine on the scalp.  I have diffuse thinning in the front and fairly normal loss...

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Hair Transplant Patient Experiences Posted on our Hair Restoration Forum

2000 FUT & FUE with Dr. Jerry Cooley


This patient shares his emotional journey from repair patient to happy patient.

Dr. Cooley 4222 FUT - 13th Dec 2018


An amazing crown transformation from Dr. Cooley.

3368 grafts and PRP with Dr. Cooley


Forum member "FUTwithCooley" presents his hair transplant story and photos.

2,800 Grafts with Dr. Cooley


Recent Dr. Cooley patient "KeithJagger" shares his experience one day after hair transplant surgery.

Dr. Cooley


Dr. Cooley patient "twotimes" presents photos of his mature hair transplant results.

My 2500 Grafts HT w/ PRP/ACell treatment Journey with Dr.Cooley


Follow forum member "Raymond2013's" hair transplant journey with Dr. Jerry Cooley.

Dr Cooley


New member "18934" shares a detailed account of his excellent hair transplant experience with Dr. Cooley and staff.

My Great Experience (Repair) with Dr. Jerry Cooley and his Team


Forum member "BaltoBill" shares the details of his repair work with world class hair transplant surgeon Dr. Jerry Cooley.

2,100 grafts (FUT) with Dr. Cooley


Forum member "BostonHooligan" shares his satisfaction with his hair transplant experience with Dr. Cooley and his staff.

2171 Grafts w/ Dr. Cooley 10-26-10


Forum member "WISENHEIMER2010" talks about his excellent hair transplant experience with Dr. Cooley and staff.

Azn_Guy's experience with Dr. Cooley: 3007 grafts


Follow forum member Azn_Guy's progress after his hair transplant with Coalition member Dr. Cooley. He is happy with results and especially wants to share his experiences with other Asian hair loss sufferers.

Hair Transplant Videos: Patient Results and Education

FUE Hairline Repaired With FUE, 1529 Grafts, Jerry Cooley MD

This patient is in his early 30’s and had an FUE procedure of 2000 grafts at another clinic one year prior. He was unhappy with the unnatural look of the transplant. 

There were several noticeable problems with the prior work: 
1) The hairline was placed too low and straight. 
2) There were two and three hair grafts at the very front line. 
3) The grafted area was not blended into the existing hair, leaving a halo effect. 
4) There was no blending into the temporal area, creating an unnatural fronto-temporal angle. Simply adding more grafts might have given improvement but would also have worsened the front heavy appearance. 

Male | Caucasion | in 1 Session | FUE | Repair

3493 FUT Grafts, Jerry Cooley MD

This patient is in his early 20’s and first came to see me with his parents at the age of 18.  We started finasteride and deferred any further treatment other than topical minoxidil.  He returned several years later, expressing in interest in hair transplantation.  We discussed all the possible drawbacks of undergoing a transplant when young, including the likely need for future procedures.  He had absolutely decided against a ‘shaved head’ look and was committed to doing everything necessary to keep his hair looking natural in the future. 

After considering all the pros and cons of making this commitment, the patient opted for FUT.  We performed 3,493 grafts combined with PRP/ACell.   The hairline was placed at 7cm, to ensure it would continue to look natural as he ages.  He returned 11 months later, ecstatic with the results, noting how restoring his hair had changed his life for the better.  He understands the need for periodic PRP treatments and possible transplants in the future. 

Male | Caucasion | Class: 3 | 3493 Grafts in 1 Session | FUT/Strip | Transplant

Hairline Reconstruction/ 3000 Grafts/ Jerry Cooley MD

This patient is in his late 30’s and first came to see us in 2014. We first prescribed finasteride.  He returned one year later showing his loss had stabilized and he underwent a conservative hairline restoration of 2,000 grafts using the FUT procedure with PRP/ACell.  He was very pleased with the results.

He returned in 2017, requesting a slight lowering of the hairline and temple angle closure. Given his excellent response and compliance with medical therapy, and his willingness to continue PRP in the future, we decided a more aggressive restoration would be an option for him.

We performed 1,000 grafts FUT with another PRP treatment that included ACell. He is shown one year later in 2018.

As with all of our videos, this result is presented in Ultra HD 4K resolution and we are the first clinic in the world to standardize on this format in order to show as much detail as possible. 

Male | Caucasion | Class: 2 | 3000 Grafts in 2 Sessions | FUT/Strip | Transplant

Jerry Cooley MD, 3105 Grafts, Hairline Repair

This patient is in his early 40’s and had undergone a prior transplant at another clinic and was not pleased with the results. We performed FUSS of 3,105 grafts, focusing on the frontal hairline and temples. We also performed PRP/ACell to address thinning in the midscalp and crown. He is shown 12 months post-op.


Male | Caucasion | Class: 3 | 3105 Grafts FUT/Strip | Repair

Jerry Cooley MD, 3500 Grafts, FUT, PRP w/ACell

This young man is in his late 20’s and has evolving type VI baldness. We started him on finasteride and performed FUSS 3,500 grafts with PRP/ACell.

 He represented an aesthetic challenge in that he had remaining miniaturized hairs all the way to his teenage hairline, 4cm above his eyebrows. This would have been much too low to build a new hairline around. We removed a 2-3 cm band of these thinning hairs using electrolysis. The hairline we built contained a larger zone of lower density single hairs, so as to avoid creating a ‘front heavy’ look. The majority of the density was in the mid-scalp. The crown was given a light ‘dusting’ of two hair grafts and the PRP treatment helped blend everything together. He is shown one year later.

Male | Caucasion | Class: 6 | 3500 Grafts in 1 Session | FUT/Strip | Transplant

Jerry Cooley MD - African American Female-2249 Grafts and PRP with ACell @ 1 Year

This African American female presented with diffused hair loss throughout the top of her scalp and with very receded temples. Dr. Cooley and the team at Haircenter in Charlotte, North Carolina carried out an FUT procedure of 2249 grafts for the hairline reconstruction and placement throughout the central portion of the top of her scalp.

 The recipient zone and donor incision were treated with PRP with ACell to improve overall healing. PRP with ACell was also applied to the temple regions for an outstanding response as seen in the video.

Female | Non-Caucasion | FUT/Strip | Transplant

Dr. Cooley Video - 2215 Grafts - 15 Months

This patient was in mid-40’s when he came to see us. He had been taking finasteride for twenty years and had noticed progressive thinning in the past few years. We switched him to dutasteride to inhibit further loss. We performed FUSS consisting of 2,215 grafts and PRP/ACell. He is shown 15 months later. The grafts went in the frontal third and the PRP/ACell thickened up the mid-scalp and crown.

Male | Caucasion | Class: 2 | 2215 Grafts in 1 Session | FUT/Strip | Transplant

Jerry Cooley MD - 1500 FUE - PRP w/ACell

This patient came to see Dr. Cooley regarding his hair loss and to learn about his options. He is in his mid-thirties and had already stabilized his hair loss with long term finasteride use. The patient wanted to move forward cautiously as he'd already performed lots of research and wanted to consider how PRP with ACell might improve the vertex/crown region before attempting surgical intervention. So he and Dr. Cooley agreed that a procedure for the front would be the way to move forward and allow PRP with ACell to have a chance at improving the back.


1500 grafts were removed via FUE by Dr. Cooley. After the grafts were examined and refined using stereoscopic dissecting microscopes Dr. Cooley and Brandi placed the grafts into the frontal third of the patient's scalp, making sure that only single hair grafts went into the very front of the hairline and all multi-hair grafts were placed immediately behind.

 The result shown is at one year post.

Male | Caucasion | Class: 2 | 1500 Grafts in 1 Session | FUE | Transplant

Dr. Cooley FUE Result/1825 Grafts/4K Video

We presented this patient in a collection of photos in December, 2016 but he has returned for another followup and he allowed us to document his result with video. 

This patient is in his 30’s and wanted to restore frontal zone with FUE. We started him on finasteride and performed FUE with 1.0mm motorized punch, yielding a graft count of 1,825 (1-208, 2-441, 3-770, and 4-406). Given his fine hair, we wanted to capture as many 3 and 4’s as possible, hence the slightly larger punch used. 

We also performed PRP/ACell to thicken existing hair and promote healing of the FUE extraction sites. We find that PRP/ACell treatment after the extractions are complete enhances healing by reducing scar (fibrosis) formation and promoting regeneration of any transected follicles. He is shown one year post op. After photos are with dry and wet hair. The video is in full Ultra HD 4K resolution so a 4K capable monitor or television is recommended. 

Male | Caucasion | Class: 2 | 1825 Grafts in 1 Session | FUE | Transplant

World First: Dr. Cooley Ultra HD Hairline Result Video

Dr. Jerry Cooley and the team at Carolina Dermatology in Charlotte, North Carolina have had a stellar, if not somewhat low key, reputation for many years. The popularity of Dr. Cooley has been primarily through word of mouth online and in person and by using among the highest quality photos found anywhere online. Clarity of detail, consistency with lighting and backgrounds have been a staple of all of Dr. Cooley's presentations. However, you have never seen us present a single before/after video because we really haven't needed to use them and with how busy we have always been we really haven't have the time.

Now it's time to change. We've never used video to document our results but now we will and we will do so in a manner that no one has before. I'd like to introduce the world's first 4K Ultra HD hair transplant result video.

This video is best viewed on a 4K television or a 4K monitor. If you do not have either it is still visible at lower resolutions so set the resolution preference in the bottom right corner of the video frame.

About the patient; he first came to see us in 2006 to lower his hairline and to achieve moderate temple angle closure. He was 35 at the time. He had already been on Avodart for three years by the time he had his first surgery. Since then he had two much smaller procedures to add density and refinement. The result was recorded two weeks ago and this represents in great detail how he looks today.

Male | Caucasion | Class: 2 | 2612 Grafts in 3 Sessions | FUT/Strip | Transplant

Hair Transplant 2097 Grafts with Dr. Cooley

Discussion forum member "LatinLotus" received a 2097 graft hair transplant procedure with Dr. Cooley. 14 months after his surgical procedure and after using Propecia, he created a video showcasing his results on YouTube.

To see his results, view the video.

To follow along with his journey and to see before and after hair transplant photos, visit the discussion forum topic by clicking here.

To view his patient website with all his photos, visit his hair loss website.

Male | Non-Caucasion | Class: 4 | 2097 Grafts in 1 Session | FUT/Strip | Transplant

Channel 5 News: Dr. Cooley Discusses Hair Transplantation

Dr. Jerry Cooley discusses today's state of the art hair transplant surgery on Channel 5 news.

Hair Transplant Patient Education and Consults

View hair transplant video interviews featuring interviews with leading hair transplant surgeons by clicking on a title that interests you below.

Why Hair Loss Patients Should Choose Dr. Cooley for Hair Transplant Surgery

In this hair transplant video interview, hair restoration physician Dr. Jerry Cooley discusses why hair loss suffering men and women should select his hair transplant clinic.

Selecting a Quality Hair Transplant Doctor by Dr. Cooley

In this hair transplant video interview, hair restoration physician Dr. Jerry Cooley discusses what hair loss prospective patients should look for when considering and selecting a quality hair transplant surgeon.

Dr. Cooley Discusses Services He Provides Hair Loss Patients

In this hair transplant video interview, hair restoration physician Dr. Jerry Cooley discusses the services and procedures he offers to hair loss sufferers. This includes non-surgical hair loss treatments and today's state of the art surgical hair restoration.

Dr. Cooley Discusses His Philosophy on Patient Care

In this hair transplant video interview, hair restoration physician Dr. Jerry Cooley discusses his philosophy on hair transplant patient care. Dr. Cooley's philosophy is to treat each hair loss patient the way that he'd like to be treated.

Dr. Cooley Discusses How He Became a Hair Transplant Surgeon

In this hair transplant video interview, hair restoration physician Dr. Jerry Cooley discusses his medical background and what attracted him to performing today's state of the art ultra refined hair transplants.

How Dr. Cooley Achieves Excellent Hair Transplant Results

In this hair transplant video interview, hair restoration physician Dr. Jerry Cooley discusses the factors that are important to achieving excellent hair restoration results. Dr. Cooley has been performing hair transplantation for over 15 years. The biggest jump in quality was the evolution to using microscopic dissection and all follicular unit grafting. View the video for more information.

What Dr. Cooley Finds Most Gratifying About Performing Hair Transplantation

In this hair transplant video interview, hair restoration physician Dr. Jerry Cooley discusses what he finds most gratifying about performing today's state of the art ultra refined hair transplant procedures. This includes viewing his patient's results after they come back and visit the clinic after their results mature.

Dr. Cooley Discusses What Patients Can Expect from Hair Transplantation

In this hair transplant video interview, hair restoration physician Dr. Jerry Cooley discusses what hair loss patients can realistically expect from today's state of the art hair transplants. Realistically, patients can expect an undetectable and natural looking results that they will have noticeable coverage, a very noticeable improvement and that the results will vary according to their hair characteristics. Dr. Cooley also discusses why realistic expectations are vital.

Dr. Cooley Discusses His Hair Transplant Clinic's Strengths

In this hair transplant video interview, hair restoration physician Dr. Jerry Cooley discusses his hair transplant clinic's strong points. Hair loss sufferers have traveled from all over to see Dr. Cooley because they are service oriented and have a reputation for caring for his hair transplant patients. Dr. Cooley employs top notch surgery and uses cutting edge techniques to help meet his patient's hair restoration goals.

Dr. Cooley Provides Free Advice to Hair Loss Patients

In this hair transplant video interview, hair restoration physician Dr. Jerry Cooley provides free advice to hair loss sufferers considering surgical hair transplantation. Dr. Cooley's primary advice is to get educated. Hair transplant surgery can be one of the best or worst things they can do. He's met a lot of patients who've seen advertisements and jumped the gun and ended up very unhappy with their hair transplant. Getting educated ,researching and getting evaluated by a quality hair restoration physician is very important.

Dr. Cooley Shares How He Feels When He Sees His Patients' Results

In this hair transplant video interview, hair restoration physician Dr. Jerry Cooley shares how he feels when he sees his patients' hair transplant results after they return to his clinic for an evaluation. Dr. Cooley loves analyzing his results and when things go well. Dr. Cooley is also is toughest critic and looks for ways to continue to improve his practice and do better next time.

Dr. Cooley Discusses His Approach to Working with New Patients

In this hair transplant video interview, hair restoration physician Dr. Jerry Cooley discusses his approach to working with a new hair transplant patient. When a new patient comes to his clinic, they fill out some basic information including family and medical history. One of the first things Dr. Cooley discusses with his patients is their goals. They may have general of specific goals such as lowering their hairline, adding more density, etc. Ultimately, many hair loss patients look for recommendations. View this video to learn more.

Dr. Cooley Shares Real Hair Transplant Patient Testimonials and Results

In this hair transplant video interview, hair restoration physician Dr. Jerry Cooley shares a couple of stories about how some of his hair transplant patients' lives were transformed from surgical hair restoration.

Articles Published on our Hair Loss Q&A website.

Why Do I See ‘Grafts’ on My Pillow 16 Days after Hair Transplant Surgery?


I am not sure if you were instructed on what happens after surgical hair restoration regardless of the harvesting method. In most cases the implanted grafts will “sit” and passively absorb oxygen and food from the surrounding tissue.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) as a Stand-Alone Treatment for Hair Loss?


Yes, we use Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and ACell without surgical hair restoration to try and thicken hair.

Why Is the Hair Loss Treatment Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) So Expensive?


It all depends on exactly what the hair restoration clinic performing the procedure is doing. If the clinic is using a cheap centrifuge that wasn’t designed for platelet rich plasma (PRP), it should not be expensive.

Is Hair Transplant Surgery an Attractive Option for Older Patients with Hair Loss?


I have a significant number of men and women in their 60’s and 70’s who come in for hair restoration. My oldest patient ever was 83 and he continued to enjoy his new hairline until he was 95 when I last saw him. Older patients have the same motivation as younger patients (i.e. look better and restore self-image) and they usually have more realistic expectations.

Does Lowering the Dose of Propecia (Finasteride) Significantly Reduce Its Effect on Hair Loss?


Good question. Dosing studies show that 0.5mg finasteride is almost but not quite as good as 1mg in suppressing DHT. I think everyone is different so some people will do well at this low dose.

Can I Have Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) after a Strip Hair Transplant (FUSS)?


Great question! In my practice, helping a patient decide on FUE vs FUSS involves weighing several factors. Most of my patients wear medium length hair and place a premium on being able to get back to work in a week and, since we generally don’t shave donor or recipient, this is very realistic.

Is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) More Effective for Diffuse Hair Loss?


I’m commonly asked how long PRP (+/- ACell) lasts. I think it depends on the patient and if their balding is rapid or slow, if they are on Propecia (finasteride), Rogaine (minoxidil), etc.

Can All Hair Transplant Patients Benefit from ACell and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)?


We now offer and recommend PRP and ACell to anyone undergoing a hair transplant with us who has significant areas of thinning (miniaturization), either in the area to be transplanted or elsewhere.

Hair Transplant Surgery: The Effects of ACell on Healing and Hair Growth


Performing full scale blinded, controlled studies on agents that might improve hair transplant results is exceedingly difficult if not impossible.

Dr. Jerry Cooley Acquires and Provides Input on the ARTAS Hair Restoration System for Automating Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)


Coalition hair transplant surgeon Dr. Jerry Cooley is known for his innovative nature and dedication to state-of-the-art hair restoration.

Factors to Consider When Planning a Hair Transplant in the Crown


It is complicated because there are many factors for the hair transplant surgeon to consider including the patient’s age, hair characteristics, current baldness, rate of hair loss, whether they are on Propecia finasteride, donor supply, etc.

Can Hair Transplant Surgery Be Performed in and around Existing Hair Without Shaving?


We graft areas with existing hair all the time. Shaving is a nice technique, but fewer than 5% of our hair transplant patients are willing to do this.

Dr. Cooley Discusses His Approach to Working with New Hair Transplant Patients


Dr. Jerry Cooley is a highly esteemed member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians. In this hair transplant video interview, Dr. Cooley discusses his approach to working with a new hair transplant patient.

Autocloning: Hair Restoration with ACell MatriStem


have been working with a new wound healing product called ACell MatriStem™. It is FDA approved and is being used for numerous medical applications, such as treating war injuries and degenerative conditions.

Hair Transplant Graft Survival and Platelet Rich Plasma


Over the last year (2008), we have been testing the use of platelet - rich plasma (PRP) in hair transplant surgery. Our interest was stimulated by two previous hair restoration physicians, Carlos Uebel from Brazil and Joseph Greco from Florida, who reported improved healing and graft survival with use of PRP. Before discussing PRP, it is useful to take a look at the hair transplantation process in general. Although we may sometimes take it for granted, it is quite amazing that hair follicles can be cut out of one area of the scalp and placed into an incision in another part of the scalp, and survive. Graft survival has been an interest of mine for many years, and I have written textbook chapters and given numerous lectures on this topic.

Taking Propecia for Hair Loss Every Other Day?


Propecia is approved by the US FDA for once a day use for hair loss. This does not mean it is the best dosage, only the one that was studied and approved. The average serum “half-life” of finasteride 1mg is about 5 hours in young men and 8 hours in older men. This does not mean that half of the medicine is out of your body in that time period though. The finasteride molecule is distributed throughout the body where it binds to the type II 5-alpha-reductase enzyme, thereby inhibiting conversion of testosterone to dihydrotesterone (DHT).


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