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Pimples on the Scalp 1 Month After Hair Transplant Surgery

5/10/2010 12:26:00 PM


I had a hair transplant on my balding crown 36 days ago. Since day 22, I started to see the transplanted area become filled with pimples. I still have them today. Is this normal after just 22 days? Could it be an infection? Is my hair transplant in jeopardy? I'm not taking Propecia and not using any hair regrowth medication.


It's normal for the occasional pimple to appear the first few months after hair transplant surgery. . However, if you are experiencing a large number or cluster of pimples, you may want to contact your hair transplant surgeon to make sure it's not folliculitis. While folliculitis typically fades away by itself with time, this infection may need to be treated with antibiotics. In my opinion, be on the safe side and contact your hair restoration physician.

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