Pre Hair Transplant Scalp Exercises Causing Hair Loss?


Hi, I have an upcoming hair transplant in a couple of months. I started these scalp laxity exercises and have been noticing some hair loss (not a lot but some). Is this normal?


Scalp exercises can be a tremendous help in increasing scalp elasticity and thus, the amount of hair that can be harvested in a single hair transplant session. However, it's important to perform them correctly. Ultimately, you want to place your hands in the back of your head and pull up and down on the scalp, not the hair. If you are feeling tight pulling or tugging of your hair at the sides and back of your head as you're doing these scalp exercises, you're probably doing them incorrectly. Do know that all hair follicles go through growth cycles including a shedding phase. As hair naturally sheds, it dislodges from the follicle. You may simply be seeing some of this hair falling out even if you're doing the exercises properly.