Priceless: Cost and Selecting the Right Hair Transplant Surgeon

2/24/2010 1:40:02 AM


I'm a working-class kinda guy who recently started looking into hair transplantation. I'm willing to travel in order to save myself some money. Which doctor on your recommended list is the least expensive? I was advised that I'll probably require around 3000 grafts.


I can appreciate where you're coming from. Being aware of the market and using that knowledge to make informed, economical choices in life is often the right way to go, especially in this day and age. However, trying to be thrifty when it comes to choosing a hair transplant surgeon really isn't advisable.

Think of this as a long-term investment. After all, you're going to have this hair for the rest of your life, so why allow cost to be a major determinant? In reality, sure: Budget will play a role in whether or not prospective patients are in a position to start seriously considering surgically restoring their hair. But this doesn't mean that personal finances should ultimately dictate your choice of hair restoration physician. Thankfully, the cost of hair transplantation is now considerably lower than it has been in the past.

Your willingness to travel for a great result is admirable, but shopping around for the best deal is not in your best interest. In fact, that kind of mentality could actually wind up being  counterproductive if your primary concern is saving money, since a botched hair transplant surgery could prove costly to correct.

The Hair Transplant Network does not recommend physicians based on what they charge; their credentials, reputation, and results are ultimately much more important. In my opinion, price should be the last criterion the patient considers. I suggest using the map feature on the site's consult a hair restoration physician page to see where our recommended clinics are located. You can then contact each office individually to inquire about the cost of their services or any financing options available.

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