Real Hair Transplant Patient Shares His Experience with Dr. Keene of Tuscon, Arizona

This hair transplant patient known as "mrkneed" on our hair restoration forum , shares his hair loss and hair replacement experience with Dr. Sharon Keene of Tuscon, Arizona who is an elite member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians. You can read this patient's surgical experience below.  He has also posted his experience on our hair loss forum.

I will keep this short and to the point. Yesterday I had my hair transplant with Dr. Keene of Tucson, Arizona and it could not have gone any better. Dr. Keene and her staff could not have been any kinder, especially given my anxiety and sensitivity to epinephrine. For starters, instead of giving me 3 shots, one after the other in the donor area, they did them in short increments taking about 20 minutes to complete the job. My heart did not race of reel like it was going to explode as it typically does - a feeling for me that brings on anxiety. The donor strip removal was a piece of cake and the valium certainly helped. I even feel asleep a few times.

Dr. Keene is a class act, is honest, and truly cares about her patients. She performed all functions of the hair restoration procedure excluding the trimming the follicular unit grafts under microscopes. What impressed me the most is that she only does 1 procedure a day. Her staff including Scott, Lisa, and Marie is all great and caring people.

If anybody is looking for a wonderful and talented hair loss and transplant doctor, I highly recommend considering Dr. Keene. Thanks for reading.