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When Researching A Hair Transplant Surgeon look at PATIENT RESULTS FIRST!

9/22/2019 5:48:49 PM

Hair transplant surgeons/clinics utilize various methods of promoting their clinic or services. Unfortunately, some clinics/surgeons use shady marketing tactics that include buying social media followers, fake reviews, and stealing before and after photos. In this article, we will be explaining why real-patient posted results matter the most when reviewing a hair transplant surgeon.

Be Careful Choose Surgeons Based On Patient-Reputation

In the era of social media, dishonest and unethical clinics have used social media to pour money in their advertisements and marketing. These clinics view patients as a number and not an actual patient. These clinics do not gain their patients based on their reputation. 

Moreover, these clinics hire fly-by-night technicians who perform the entire surgery with little to no doctor supervision. In the United States, having technicians carryout the entire procedure is illegal, but that doesn't stop these clinics from enticing patients to travel abroad for surgery. In fact, some of these clinics operate in the United States as well. 

Where Do You See Real-Patient Posted Results?

There are several platforms that claim to have real-patient posted results, but some of these results are just paid representatives who pose as patients to promote these clinics. This has been a huge problem in the hair transplant industry. These undercover reps are known as "schills" they can be difficult to detect, but in the right platform easy to discover.

Hair Restoration Network Forum Experiences and Surgeon Reviews 

The hair restoration network discussion forum has been one of the most popular hair loss forums for 20 years. There are several hair loss forums on the internet, but the hair restoration network focuses on hair restoration and has the most patient-posted results. There are over 185,000 hair transplant reviews/posts by verified and real-patients.

The skill, talent and experience of hair transplant physicians vary widely, as do their results. Be careful of only seeing good or great results. Truthfully, every hair restoration physician has had great, good, mediocre and even bad results. What separates a good surgeon from a great surgeon is how they deal with poor results. 

Just like surgeons not every hair loss forum is created equal. Unfortunately, there are some forums that silence their patients and hide bad reviews from public view. Being fair and objective is important not only for surgeon accountability, but also for patient accountability. Accountability is a two-way street. 


Researching a surgeon is crucial for receiving natural and refined results that last a lifetime. There are so many so-called experts on the internet today, it can become difficult to discern what is real and what isn't. Exchanging information, reviews and before and afters with real patients is imperative for anyone considering surgical hair restoration. There is no better place than the hair restoration network forum to find the good, bad and the ugly in hair transplantation. 


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