Restoring a Balding Crown with Hair Transplant Surgery - How Many Grafts?


I am not too concerned about the front of my hairline but the shiny bald spot in the back really bothers me. I would guess I need about 2000 to 3000 follicular unit grafts with hair transplant surgery to cover a 3" by 3" area What would the estimated cost (very roughly be) for a procedure like that? Thanks!


Each hair transplant clinic has their own fee structure however; the average cost per follicular unit of strip surgery (follicular unit transplantation) is about $4 to $5. Some hair restoration clinics will offer significant discounts after approximately 2000 grafts for patients who are good candidates for larger sessions.

Ultimately, a qualified hair transplant surgeon should quantify an appropriate number of follicular units you will need to achieve your immediate and long term goals. This should be based on your available donor hair supply, risk of future hair loss, hair characteristics, your desired and a realistic hair density, etc.

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Bill Associate Publisher/Editor