Resuming Contact Sports After Hair Transplant Surgery


I had a hair transplant done 7 weeks ago. I started wearing a snug fitting hat to work exactly 4 weeks after the surgery, but did not even touch my head before aside from washing with baby shampoo and water gently. I have 2 questions. I do grapling martial arts, but did not go back untill yesterday which is 7 weeks out. During grappling yesterday my head rubbed against the mat where the grafts were done. It was a bit red after I was done like a very light rug burn. Will this effect hair growth at all, and should I stop grappling untill the hair grows in fully? My other question is, I see almost no new stubbles coming in yet at 7 weeks. Should I be concerned or is this normal? Thank you very much, and sorry for the long question.


Don't worry! You have not damaged your new transplanted hair at all. Ten days after surgical hair restoration, your new grafts are permanently secured to the scalp and would have to be surgically removed to get rid of them. Your new precious follicles are safe and secured underneath the scalp and new hair growth should begin between 3 to 5 months after surgery. Know however, that the hair regrowth process is slow and gradual and takes up to a year to mature.

Be careful doing any contact sports for 3 months, not for the sake of the transplanted hair, but to allow the donor area ample time to heal. If you've had a follicular unit hair transplant (FUT) procedure (also called strip surgery), the donor area requires time to properly heal to minimize the changes of stretching. Thus, you may want to consider minimizing any grappling or contact martial arts for a couple more weeks.