Resuming Exercises After a Hair Transplant


I was wondering how much rest I should take after hair transplant surgery. I bench press approximately 150 pounds. When can I resume normal lifting? How long should I rest so that the donor area wound heals completely?


The donor area takes several months to heal and the donor scar up to one full year to completely mature.

Restarting your daily workout routine after hair restoration surgery should be a gradual process. After my third hair transplant procedure, I waited a good 3 months before resuming heavy lifting. However, I started light weight training as early as 6 days, staples still in the donor area and everything. Of course, I started very light performing dozens of reps and kept my head very still. Any exercise that puts a strain on the donor area should be avoided for several weeks or even months.

As you get back into the gym, start slowly and use common sense. If you feel any strain, stop the exercise immediately and move onto something else. Hair transplantation should be seen as an investment and it's important to take care of it.

Bill Associate Publisher/Editor