Resuming Physical and Sexual Activity After Hair Transplant Surgery


I'm concerned about how long after hair transplant surgery I'll have to be extremely careful with my donor scar. I understand it's best to stay away from weights for at least 6 months, but what about sexual activity with my girlfriend? At what point can I stop worrying about stretching the scar? Will it be like being in a neck brace where you can't turn your head to quickly etc.?


Hair transplant doctors have varying opinions on resuming physical activity after surgery. However, most I've talked to agree that you can start cardio and light training after 10-14 days and gradually work your way up to full intensity. This is true for sexual activity as well :-).

In my opinion, it's better to avoid any exercises or activities that would put extra strain on the donor area. This would include crunches with your hands behind your head, any exercise where you are looking down with your chin to your chest, and some exercises with your head pressing against the equipment, like flat bench. The important thing is to use common sense. If an activity is causing strain on the donor area, stop and move onto something else.

Remember though that it does take the donor area several months to heal. This is why it's advisable if you are planning a second procedure not to start scalp exercises for 6 months after the procedure.

You should however, be able to resume all physical activity long before 6 months. Contact sports should be avoided for at least 3 months.

Bill - Associate Publisher