Reversing a Hair Transplant: Can Hair Replacement Surgery be Undone?


My brother had hair replacement surgery but it looks bad and now he wants to remove all the transplanted hair from his forehead. Please let me know how it can be done and what are the precautions he needs to take care during removal of the previous hair transplant. Are there any side effects from this?


I'm sorry to hear that your brother is dissatisfied with his hair transplant. Unfortunately, a hair transplant cannot be "undone", at least not in the way you are suggesting.  Scarring is permanent and the transplanted hair can only be removed surgically.  The transplanted hair can be removed surgically however, this too will leave scarring.

I would encourage your brother to consult with another hair transplant physician, but one who has a proven track record of performing state of the art hair transplantation and producing consistent results.  Hair transplant repair options are available, however, it will mean going through hair replacement surgery a second time. Working with an elite hair transplant surgeon will enable your brother to find a resolution that he will most benefit from.