Reversing a Hair Transplant: Is it Possible?


I had a hair transplant twenty years ago and now I shave my head.  I have approximately 120 donor scars at the back and sides of my head and 120 round hair plugs on top.  This might make for the most unique scalp in the land but it's not the sort of notoriety I enjoy.

I intend to keep shaving my head in the future but yearn for a natural bald look, so Iwant my hair transplant reversed.  I understand it is possible to have the hair plugs put back in the donor area and I am trying to find the right hair loss doctor to perform the surgery. 

In the mean time, can you recommend the surgeon/surgeons most likely to give the best result? I live in the UK but am prepared to travel to Belgium, Turkey, or the US.  I did manage to contact one of your recommended doctors and he said he could achieve a 6/10 (more or less) look of normality at the donor site and 8/10 on top where the old plugs are removed.

I have done hours of research on this site and could probably do more but I thought it wise to ask since it is possible i might miss something.


In looking at your hair transplant photos, I first want to say that I’m sorry that this has happened to you. Clearly this is a case of very old work.

Regarding hair transplant repair, there are certainly options, but there is no way to reverse a hair transplant completely and make it look like a “virgin” scalp. This is most likely why our recommended surgeon is working with you on developing realistic expectations by giving you a 6/10 and 8/10 ratio, which is still a dramatic improvement. Keep in mind that removal of the old hair plugs will leave scarring. They can be redistributed to the donor sites and in the right hands will most likely improve your overall appearance. But it won’t be perfect. But getting an evaluation in person with an elite surgeon is extremely important.

In my opinion, I strongly suggest contacting a few elite physician members of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians as many of them specialize in repair work. In the UK, I would recommend an in person consultation with Dr. Bessam Farjo or Dr. Nilofer Farjo of the Farjo clinic.

It would be wise to research and consult with several physicians to see what they can do for your case.