Ryan Giggs Shares His Hair Loss and Hair Transplant Journey

Society views athletes like modern-day gladiators. It's hard to believe that they are human beings with feelings, just like anyone else. Ryan Giggs is a Manchester United legend who has won it all from league titles to Champions League titles. Unfortunately, male pattern baldness does not care about personal accolades or athletic abilities. It's a condition that can strike anyone from any socioeconomic background. In this article, we share his hair loss story and hair transplant journey. 

First Time Ryan Giggs Noticed He Was Losing His Hair

Back in 2003, Ryan Giggs was at the peak of his athletic career, and Manchester United was the premier league's most influential club, their name was synonymous with titles and accolades. One of the classic rivalries exist between Manchester United and Liverpool, matches between these two clubs are always highly competitive regardless of where either team stand in the table. 

Ryan Giggs first noticed his hair loss on a rainy day after scoring two goals against Liverpool at their stadium called Anfield. He said: "After the game, I got dropped off to meet my mates. I walked into the pub, and I was expecting to hear 'well done.' All I got was, 'flipping heck your barnet is going, isn't it?' 

It was like, 'cheers lads.' I got a little paranoid, especially when I knew I was going to be playing on the TV, or it was going to rain. If it were raining, I would think, 'I could do without that.'"

Hair Transplants Are No Longer Taboo

Thanks to Giggs fellow countrymen Wayne Rooney, a lot of professional athletes have felt comfortable admitting that they have undergone hair transplantation. Back when Ryan Giggs was dealing with hair loss, it was a lot more taboo, and society was a lot more judgemental back in those days. 

Ryan Giggs turned to a close friend who turned him onto special lotions, potions, shampoos, and serums. He was also referred to a physician to prescribe a DHT-blocking medication, most likely Propecia (finasteride). He also began low-level laser therapy (LLLT) over ten years ago.

Ryan Giggs Hair Transplant Experience

The combination of treatments worked well for Giggs, as he began to have people ask him if he had undergone a hair transplant. He finally decided to have a hair transplant when he felt he could use a little boost that you can't achieve with non-surgical treatments alone.

Giggs had this to say about his hair restoration procedure: "The numb areas (back and sides of the scalp) where you're going to feel it. You're awake during it, and you can't feel anything. 

You've got, not scarring, but a few cuts in the back of your head. You wake up in the morning; there's a tiny bit of blood on your pillow for a few days, and then that goes. 

That's it. No pain afterward. They (hair transplant clinic) take a picture of the area where the work was done, and then you can see real progress. I'm really happy with it. The only negative I have is I didn't do it earlier."


Hair transplants are no longer something to be ashamed of, hundreds of thousands of men and women undergo surgical hair restoration each year, and the numbers continue to climb. Finding a qualified and ethical hair transplant surgeon is vital for receiving excellent results that will last a lifetime.