A Satisfied Hair Transplant Patient of Dr. Epstein Reports His Experience

Below is a detailed account of a hair transplant patient's experience with Dr. Epstein of Miami, FL, who is a member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians.  You can read this hair transplant patient's experience on our hair restoration forum

In my early 30's I had a hair transplant with MHR in Orlando, FL. That was about 12 years ago and frankly I don't remember how many hair grafts were transplanted, maybe 750?  But I do remember thinking that the price was high for the number of hair grafts I received.  I was promised dense hair coverage as I was receeding in the frontal area of my scalp, and had a fairly good sized bald spot on my crown. I was never very happy with the hair transplant results. Again, this was a good 12 or so years ago, and there have been some decent advances in hair restoration surgery. Now I'm 44. I'm active and work out, and feel young, but in recent years I've noticed quite a bit more hair loss - recession with my hair line, front and crown. From time to time I debated another hair transplant procedure, and I finally discussed the issue with my wife. I'm glad I did because she's the type of person who does her research and investigates things thoroughly. She found this site on the internet and her opinion based on what she read, was that hair transplant clinics such as MHR, Bosley, etc., did not generate raves amongst their hair transplant patients, as did some private hair restoration surgeons who specialize in hair transplantation. I was ready to dig up the old MHR business card I had, but based on the hair transplant patient reviews we read on this hair restoration forum, our impression was that the hair transplant clinic groups for hair transplants, were more or less like going to the HMOs for medical insurance. After a lot of research, we narrowed our choice down to two Florida Dr's (I live in central FL.) and after consults with both hair transplant doctors, I decided to go with Dr. Jeffrey Epstein in Miami. I had my hair transplant procedure Nov. 13th, where I had 2617 follicular unit grafts. I'm not sure of the hair count break down, but I know a majority went towards rebuilding my front hair line, with fairly decent hair coverage over my crown. I thanked my wife over and over for she was the one who found Dr. Epstein! I don't have a single complaint about the doctor, his office, or hair transplant technicians! His experience, credentials, and achievements, are all deserved. Dr. Epstein is a very dynamic and confident individual. He is not snobby in the least, and makes you feel very comfortable, and will make sure you have no unanswered questions. I also can not say enough about his staff. True professionals, but with outstanding bedside manners! Very friendly. Very kind! The entire hair transplant experience from the initial consultation to the hair restoration procedure, and after, has been easy and pleasant. My wife took the three hour drive with me, and Dr. Epstein's office got us a great discount at the Hampton Inn, ten minutes from his office. The hotel is also situated in the middle of a mall shopping district, so my wife had something to do during my hair procedure. The other hair transplant doctor that I was considering wanted to give me half the amount of hair grafts that Dr. Epstein did, but his price was about the same. This time, as opposed to my M.H.R. experience, I feel very satisfied and pleased that I got more than my moneys worth! I am anxiously waiting my healing process now to see just how it turns out! Based on my experience with Dr. Epstein so far, I would highly recommend him, his office, and his staff to anyone considering a quality yet affordable Hair Transplant!