Scabs Lingering in Donor Area Weeks after Hair Transplant Surgery: Should I Be Concerned?

Question: I'm about three and a half weeks out from my hair transplant and still have some spots of lingering scabs on my donor scar. Is this normal? I don't want to force them off as that may cause further problems. Is there anything I could do or should I just wait? Answer: Before anything you should consult with your hair restoration physician.  In general, this is not unusual and it only takes mild encouragement through the use of hot water from your shower or even the use of vitamin E oil to help lift the scabs. This will be a lingering but very minor issue from time to time over the next few months as the hair transplant donor area continues to heal. If you had some sort of tricophytic closure then the hairs, as they emerge through the scar tissue, can create small scabs and you may even wake up in the morning with small spots of blood on your pillow case. It is normal and does not indicate anything adverse. But again, consult your clinic. Arocha Hair Online Representative for Dr. Bernardino Arocha.  ---- David

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