Scalp Sensations 20 Years After old Hair Transplant Hair Plugs


I had a number of hair plug and scalp reduction procedures done twenty years ago. As time goes by, and my hair continues to thin, there is an increase in the tactile sensation of the scalp. Is this the result of the surgeries and is it common?


Incisions made in the scalp during hair transplant surgery back in those days were large and very traumatic to the scalp. Thus, though I couldn't be sure - it's possible that the hair plugs and even scalp reduction procedures you received 20 plus years ago may have caused some permanent nerve damage that may be responsible for these sensations. Thankfully, surgical hair restoration has changed tremendously since those days and the minimally invasive techniques used today significantly reduce the risk of significant trauma to the scalp and lasting nerve damage. In my opinion, I'd suggest talking to a qualified prescreened hair restoration physician who uses today's state of the art techniques in hair transplantation. To see how we recommend physicians, click here.