Second Hair Transplant Growth Issues Compared to First Procedure


I had my first hair transplant of 3417 grafts done in December 2007 and my second one of 2407 grafts in November 2008. I'm 6 months out from my second procedure. I've been told that the second hair transplant result isn't as dramatic as the first one. Can hair from the first hair transplant be affected by the second surgery at all? It doesn't seem to have the same thickness as before. I have been taking Propecia since my first hair transplant and recently switched to a smaller dosage of finasteride. Patience is the hardest thing when doing hair transplants.


Six months is too early to evaluate the results from your second hair transplant. You've also had a thousand fewer follicular units placed during your second surgery. Therefore, even when your second hair transplant matures, the result still probably won't be as dramatic.

Your previously transplanted hair won't be permanently impacted by the second one however, you may have experienced a bit of temporary shock loss that could take 6 months to a year to fully return. Additionally, male pattern baldness is progressive and may continue. Being on finasteride as you are may help to slow down or stop hair loss and may even regrow some hair. A lower dosage of finasteride may accelerate the rate at which hair loss progresses. Be sure to speak to your physician about this.

As you rightfully pointed out, patience is the hardest thing. On the average, patients at 6 months post-op are seeing 50 to 60% of their progress. Hang in there.

Bill Associate Publisher/Editor