Sex Immediately After Hair Transplant Surgery - Will This Damage the Grafts?


I recently had hair restoration surgery. I had about 1200 follicular unit grafts done 10 days ago in my temple and frontal hairline area. I was told by my hair loss doctor not to do any type of physical activity until day 14. Unfortunately, I was very stupid and didn't listen, and had sex on days 7, 8, and 9. My question is how likely is it that I have permanently lost transplanted hair / grafts? If so what would the signs or symptoms be? I am hoping to be reassured that I will be fine and I likely didn't lose anything. But I want to be told the blunt reality, whatever that is. Thanks for your response.


Thanks for having the courage to ask this question. Though many might be embarrassed to ask it, it is normal and quite relevant. Approximately 10 days after hair transplant surgery, the transplanted hair is fully secured in the scalp and would have to be surgically removed.

All physical activity doesn't have to be avoided for a whole 2 weeks after a hair transplant as long as it's moderate, doesn't strain the donor area, and doesn't harm the follicular unit grafts. Let's face it, sex can be passionate, but it can also be done gently and carefully where you won't cause any damage. Ultimately, as long as your partner didn't massage your grafts on top of your head for the first 10 days and you didn't strain the donor area, you should be just fine.

Signs of recipient area damage would ultimately be the dislodging of a graft and blood on top of your head. Signs of donor damage may include major pulling or pain around the scar.

In conclusion, use common sense. If something is straining or pulling, don't do it. Gradually increase any physical activity within reason over the next 2 months and you should be just fine.