Hair Transplant Surgeon: Dr. Ron Shapiro

Hair transplant surgery with limited donor hair

Hair Transplant Sessions: 1
Grafts Implanted: 1523
Total Hairs Transplanted: 2514
Baldness Class: 3
Surgical Procedure: Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT/Strip)

This patient in his early 60’s had prior hair transplant surgeries over 10 years ago by another clinic. He had several things going against him – one main reason being his donor supply looked pretty tapped out, not to mention he has less than average donor density. Dr. Ron Shapiro cleaned up the previous donor scar and tried to harvest as much donor hair as possible. The strip size was 1.2cm width x 31cm length. Given the size of the donor strip, there should have been around 3000+ grafts on an average patient. This patient received 1523 grafts instead. The hair count also indicates he has many single hairs. He has more donor hairs available; however, it’ll have to be saved for another procedure. This patient is thrilled at the improvement made so far. He feels this last session has made the most difference compared to his previous surgeries. He is currently 8 months post op so he has more thickening to look forward to.
Total Graft and Hair Count: 1523/2515

1’s – 623
2’s – 812
3’s - 85
4’s – 3

Hair transplant results - Front view before and after
Hair transplant procedure using 1523 grafts showing before and after results viewed from the front.

Hair restoration photos view from top by Dr. Ron Shapiro
photos viewed from the top showing preoperative and postoperative results

Closeup views of hairline after hair restoration by Dr. Ron Shapiro
Closeup views after hair restoration procedure showing left and frontal photos of the patent's hairline.

Left side hair transplant procedure photos by Dr. Ron Shapiro
Left side pictures showing the outcome of a utilizing 1523 grafts and 2515 hairs.

Surgical detail

1 Hair Grafts 623
2 Hair Grafts 812
3 Hair Grafts 85
4 Hair Grafts 3
Total Hairs 2,514
Total Grafts 1,523

Total Hairs Transplanted: 2,514 using 1,523 grafts in 1 sessions